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Training Day Is Hit!!, 5 February 2017

Training Day was a great first pilot episode, it's a nice twist from the original premise of the Traing Day movie with Denzel Washington & Ethan Hawke. Yet I think Bill Paxton does Denzel justice, and is complimentary in his performance, and portrayal of the good/bad cop, with a dark side,and a firm believer of the "end justices the means". Paxton version slightly has more heart, and he's not as shallow as the movie version. I believe Denzel would be proud of Paxton's portrayal of the dirty, dark cop that walks the fine line.

Bill Paxton witty dry humor is funny, and it's spot on with his analogical perspective banter, with bad boy charm yet dark and serious. The tone is serious enough, yet it balances with a good plot, with compelling action. Bill Paxton is the steal of the show, great start, hopefully this show is kept around, its a gem and popcorn TV. I personally think it edges out Lethal Weapon overall.