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Netflix's Troubled Super Family...
27 February 2019
The Umbrella Academy is a very exciting series with its theme and script. But I can tell you that the script is not very loyal to the comic book. It has a more original scenario than the original story. There are so many aspects of the series that leave the comic book. This is both positive and negative. In addition to all of this, the series has very strange references. In the series, the black comedy is combined with the drama and added fantastic powers onto it. I can say that a good job has emerged with the processing of the subject, family relations and post production. Compared to Marvel productions or superhero teams like X-Men, The Umbrella Academy has less action and slow but is good enough. Acting, music, visual effects were fine. The most successful actors in the series are undoubtedly Robert Sheehan, who plays Klaus, and Aidan Gallagher, who plays Number Five. The series focuses on a family that has been severed from each other, hidden secrets and the past. So if you are expecting the heroes wearing costumes and advanced weapons and vehicles, you will not find you want in The Umbrella Academy. If you determine your expectations accordingly, The Umbrella Academy will be your liked a production. 8/10
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Polar (2019)
Action & Brutality
27 January 2019
First of all, the film shouldn't be a movie you'll definitely take seriously. Please leave your brain if you decide to watch this movie. Because this film is a crunchy film that focuses entirely on the action and the charm of ferocity. So there is no deeper meaning nor a deep scenario.

The visuals are great, the color palette is so good that even the nature looks modern. It looks like an Instagram filter has been applied to a picture taken with a proper camera. The girls are beautiful, the main character is charismatic, the bad character is a fat asshole. There are plenty of clichés. You can predict what's going to happen. Predicting what will happen is a problem in such films because it eliminates the thriller factor.

You don't have to pay much attention to, it's a fun movie. If you love action you can watch. 7/10
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The Punisher (2017–2019)
Too much death too much blood!
24 January 2019
After the first season, with the release of the second season, I finished the series in a breath. I think this is the best project of the Marvel-Netflix partnership. It is a solid series that has been achieved after the cancellation of many Marvel-Netflix joint projects.

Action and blood enthusiasts will love this series. There's a lot more blood, death and action than the first season. In the second season has as much violence, blood, action and cruelty as you don't want. At this point, one of the other thanks must go to the kerography team. As you will certainly notice, we are watching episodes filled with fight and conflict scenes. The tempo is not interrupted for a moment, and each episode tries to place at least one action sequence. The Punisher's 2nd season just put Frank Castle in the chaos he deserves, and he succeeded in bringing all the minuses into a negligible situation.

The season has two main villains and both are as wild as the Punisher. The fiction is also established accordingly, and our two main villains are advancing in parallel. Curtis is one of the good characters of the season. He represented the conscience side of the series very firmly. Amy is another prominent character of the season. She's under Frank's protection because she's close age to Frank's dead daughter. It's fun to see Amy with Frank. Amy is a well-designed character. Her adolescent behavior, her indiscretion, and Frank's reaction to all these things are very natural. With Jon Bernthal's great acting, we have access to the emotions of a father hidden behind a bloody face.

The music uses were probably the best among the Marvel-Netflix co-productions. Too much music has been used and each one is very successful in passing the emotions of the scenario. Like Daredevil's corridor scenes, it's like we're going to look again at the Punisher's list of songs. And of course it is necessary to mention the last episode. It was one of the finest series finals for me. After many striking and emotional moments, it is impossible not to experience emotional explosion with the last scene. The Punisher role is seated on Jon Bernthal like a shirt.

We have watched an immaculate season with strong scenes of conflict, good acting, immersive fiction and fluent scenario that never falls behind its first season and even better for some of us than the first season. I hope it will be a long-term series and we will continue to watch Frank Castle. 10/10
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Sex Education (2019– )
Fun Sex Education
20 January 2019
Sex Education is a coming of age story about 16-year-olds, their life in high school and at home, and, most importantly about their sexual developments. The main storyline unfolds around a boy named Otis. His mom is a sexual therapist, which makes sex and everything connected with it even harder for him to talk about. Ironically, Otis, who has very little experience and feels tremendously awkward when it comes to sex and relationship, is surprisingly good at giving advice on those subjects to others. Therefore, this edgy cool girl Maeve, who is, as most would say, way out of Otis' league recognizes his "talent" and encourages him to start a sex clinic inside school. And so that the story starts.

Compared to other teen series and films found on Netflix, Sex Education may be the most substance-rich, but it lack innovative concepts and novel themes to be called a round work. So you get presented many important discussion that deal with homosexuality, family problems to far-reaching critical issues such as abortion. However, I found dealing with these conflicts often very clumsy and superficial. In many places I had wanted more depth and a more intensive handling of the individual topics. Instead, the discussions were kept to a minimum and barely picked up by the characters and packed into meaningful dialogues.

Another point of criticism was the often stereotypical portrayal of many protagonists and the entire social environment shown. So it seems almost a trend to be that just standing in the corner inconspicuous boy may someday have the girl of his dreams. I do not doubt that there are such social structures or at least similar ones in every school and in almost every life of a 16 or 17-year-olds. But the creators of the series could have trusted more and to be able to present a story without the obvious presence of such clichés. There are some clichés, but it has no special effect on the whole. Even at its lamest, cliche moments, this quirky show remains quaintly entertaining. In many series or films for similar target groups, puberty, first love and first sex are often portrayed romantically and therefore often appear unrealistic. Sex education, however, shows a blunt and sincere approach and may perhaps convince one or the other viewers of this uniqueness.

I believe it's important to see this series. It opens a subject about sexual developments of teenagers that should not be ignored. It also shows how everybody has their problems and nobody is perfect, and that there is an explanation to everything. We can see the fact that everything happens for a reason, that everything has a start somewhere and that if we as a community help to find that start, we can also help one to get rid of their issues, feel full as a person and happy with who they are.

In terms of acting performance, Sex Education painted a picture similar to own. The individual performances were in some cases quite authentic and convincing. However, some protagonists were so over-cliched in my eyes that the performance of the actors had to suffer as well. So you may praise some protagonists for their performance, others were not particularly prominent and therefore not very credible.

Although most of the time the viewer will know what the stories are all about, "Sex Education" is the first pleasant surprise of the production year. With consistent and clever ideas, playful performers and a lot of charm, this coming-of-age comedy with adult audiences should be a reliable "binge watching" candidate for many. "Sex Education" was certainly not a bad series and could also take some positive points with its open-hearted nature. 8/10
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You (2018– )
What would you do for love?
19 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Lifetime series, adapted from Caroline Kepnes's book of the same name, came to Netflix on November 26 and was liked by the users. The series attracted my attention thanks to Netflix. I started watching the series without much anticipation. It was very immersive and fluent. The monologues were fine. It's nice to be told the events through Joe's eyes. I think that's what keeps the series going.

The series tells the story of an obsessed perverted man falling in love with a woman. When Joe first sees Beck in the bookstore, he falls in love. We are going to see Joe's interaction with Beck, which starts with a book offering, and turns into a relationship. Joe proceeds to stalk Beck on every available social media site, quickly determining that she's the one for him. In the process, Joe is doing some amazing things. He's watching Beck's house, following every step. He goes into her house and steals her stuff, her clothes and her phone. He kills her lover, researching her friends. In doing so, he remains so calm that everything he does looks normal to the viewer. You realize you're wrong, but you don't hate Joe. Joe's problem is actually his background. His past experiences make him obsessed. Both Joe and Beck are two problematic people. "How is the relationship between two problematic people?" We find the answer to this question. Although it isn't true, Joe is doing everything for the woman he loves, Beck doing it for herself. You decide who's worse. Despite the bloody appearance, the series is not horrifying.

I found acting performances in the series successful. The soundtracks of the series was good. Colors, sounds, frames - everything works correctly on the atmosphere. Although it is simple as subject, its immersiveness increases the traceability. If you don't watch with too much expectation, I think you'll have a good time.

The series has a lot to say about our society's addiction to social media, and the dissonance between the curated images we project of ourselves online and our authentic selves. While You offers some suspense, it also offers a distorted way of looking at Joe's criminal behavior. This series is well worth watching and will make you think about your social media account. 8/10
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Peaky Blinders (2013– )
The Peaky Blinders Rises!
8 January 2019
In Peaky Blinders we follow a family after the First World War that is always looking for power and money. But a policeman arriving at the city is looking to stop this family, but it's not easy. It will also be noticeable the segregated fight of ghettos like Italians, gypsies, local gangsters and Jews. Peaky Blinders is an excellent gangster drama full of rich, interesting and diverse characters. The fact that Peaky Blinders is a crime series can give the impression that characters are macho men. But this is not true. The series also incorporates many powerful female characters. It has an excellent cast and script. Thomas is a character who uses his strategic intelligence and applies violence to his own ends without hesitation. The film music is the highlight of the series along with Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. The director does resort to a modern soundtrack that reflects the fiction.

It is estimated that one episode of the series is worth 1 million and 1.5 million euros. This means a rich, detailed and beautiful work of art. Constantly supporting the narrative structure visually, Peaky Blinders often touches upon the working conditions of the working class in Birmingham. Peaky Blinders, with a color scale that chooses to contrast between pale blues and greens, and contrasts with the shades of red, makes the strongest manifestation of emotions in the midst of this unknown, while attributing a distinct obscurity to Birmingham's misty air. Also, the visual effects used from time to time are quite clever. The visual effects used are also quite compatible with the historical theme of the series.

Peaky Blinders makes each episode a separate action and drama. It's a breathtaking series where you can see the rise of Peaky Blinders. 9/10
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Dogs of Berlin (2018– )
It is possible to see all kinds of chaos. Neo-Nazis, motorcycle gangs, drug and bet mafias, good bad cops...
7 January 2019
The second German series after Netflix's Dark series. We are witnessing the wars between the Neo-Nazis, Turkish motor gangs, drug and bet mafias in this crime series in Berlin.

The best player Orkan Erdem in the German national football team, who happens to be of Turkish origin, is murdered in Berlin. Even though he was married, Kurt Grimmer, one of the murder table detectives who was with his lover, coincidentally comes to the scene of accident. As soon as he finds out who the body is, he thinks he's facing a delicate situation and confiscates this circumstance. The next evening, there is Germany-Turkey football match. He thinks that the German national team, deprived of their best player, will lose the match. And he goes to make a bet. Although Kurt succeeds in convincing his superiors to keep his murder secret until the end of the match, his main goal is to prevent the Turkish national team from betting odds falling. After this incident, Neo-Nazis, Germanist Turks, Serbs, Arabs, mafia and gangs will enter each other. And we're gonna watch a big chaos. Kurt Grimmer, an old Neo-Nazi, and Erol Birkan, a gay Turkish origin German police, conduct the murder investigation together. Two dissident police officers are trying to solve the murder of Orkan Erdem. They are also after Tarik Amir and Kovac gangs. We are also witnessing the underground rap world of Berlin through side characters.

Gangs, racism, drugs, bets, rigged game, discrimination, lovelessness, unfaithful spouses, dirty cops are among the topics that are criticized by the series. In the series, we see the racism against the Turks by the Neo-Nazis. I think Neo-Nazis are badly shown. Not the Turks. As it's supposed to be. They also shows the German police in the series as bad police. There is no attempt to badly shown the Turks. Yes, maybe there is racism in Germany as well as in the whole world, but I don't think they do this series to make Turks look bad. And I'm a person against racism. It is a country that has already well defined the issue of citizenship. I just look at this as a series. And in my opinion successful.

The cast of the series is quite good. Turkish-born German actors are taking part in the series. All acting is fine for me. As I watched the series, the Turkish sentences I heard increased my interest.

The series started with a fast pace and continued at the same speed without slowing down. I found immersive and fluent. They show Germany's underground world and the fight between the gangs in an impressive way. Weapons, drugs, bets, gangs, women, fights, everything is in this series. As a drama, Dogs of Berlin delivers in spades. You can watch this series in one breath. 8/10
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Sharp Objects (2018)
Diseased mother-daughter relationship...
4 January 2019
Camille, who was drunk almost every hour of the day from the moment she arrived in town, tries to repress the traumas she has experienced but she is not very successful in that regard. We understand with instant flashback scenes how emotions that Camille suppressed suddenly surfaced and she can't cope with her past. The town's suc-cessful drowning atmosphere, combined with masterful work of fiction and image management and with the convincing performance of Amy Adams, turns the series into a complete mood, so to speak. With the hypnotizing music that plays in the background while watching to the series we seem to be drunk in the Wind Gap with Camille. There are great soundtracks from Led Zeppelin to The Doors, from Bob Dylan to Johnny Cash.

The scene transitions between past memories and the present are very successful. It's like the scenes are intertwined. You're not leaving the general story of the series as you watch the past memories scenes. It's very well tuned. We see that the series doesn't go on a straight timeline. The scene at the beginning of the episodes is actually the final scene. Although not in each episode, some episodes have these time shifts.

In the background of the series, the words shown for 3-4 seconds may give hints about the series. At least when you watch it carefully, it makes you think. Who knows, maybe a subliminal message. You're unlikely to guess who the killer is. Because in each section you focus on different people. Ideas may change as new details emerge. So it's a little hard to guess. Something I like about this series. Because an unpredictable series is more attractive to me.

I found the acting very good. I think Amy Adams deserves the Golden Globe award with this performance. She conveys her character's mood very well to the audience. You feel deeply the feelings of Camille. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson are really good. I found the tension between them very good. Unfortunately, it is not possible to escape from the parents we are attached to. Camille also lives this situation deeply. I guess one of the most complicated things in life is the child-parent relationship. Eliza Scanlen who plays the character Amma is very successful. Like two separate characters in the morning and night. It's like there's someone else in Amma when it's night. Of course it is necessary to open a separate parentheses to Sophia Lillis. She performed very well.

Although the first episode starts with a slow pace, the next episodes are moving well. And it reflects thriller very well. The entire town, including the police, seems to be looking for the killer from a single perspective. It's like the killer is the whole town. I love watching horror movies but I can't say I'm scared most of the time. But in this series, there were a lot of scenes that creeped and disturbed me.

In the series the mystery of the killer is preserved until the last moment, but in the final, the series shoots the audience in the heart with a single sentences. The series manages to leave a shocking effect on viewers with its final. Sharp Objects gave the message that it wanted to give in eight episodes. I can recommend it for those who love the psychological thriller and killer themed. 9/10
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Aquaman (2018)
The enormous visuality of Atlantis!
30 December 2018
We know that the DC cinematic universe that emerged as a result of the partnership between DC Comics and Warner Bros does not go well. Aquaman does not fall into this category. The film first appeared in China. Then the comments about the movie excited me. I was looking forward to it. It was a movie I really liked.

The story of the film is a complete story of origin. We see how a character emerged and how he was a hero. We see what Arthur Curry has been going through since his birth. I mean, you can follow the course of the story very easily and there is no scene you will be surprised. From time to time clichés and boring moments can be experienced. When you think it's a story of beginnings, the cliches don't bother you much. I think this is a must for superhero films.

While watching Aquaman, you feel a lot more of Wan's touch to the film. Aquaman literally makes you feel like a "movie". Because while watching the film, you can see the introduction, development and the result line in a very comfortable way. Everything is as it should be. The characters perform their duties more than enough. In the first 20 minutes, you already feel inside the film, and your attachment instinct confirms this. The origin of Aquaman is generally preserved. There are some minor changes to the film. At the same time, there are critical changes in the Black Manta and Orm. But if you are a comic book reader in general, Arthur Curry's story will give you pleasure. The film also touches on a beautiful subject; People pollute the oceans and nature. Jason Momoa had a successful performance. In particular, he has reflected the character change very well. Willem Dafoe is an actor that everyone will enjoy watching. Willem Dafoe had to have more scenes.

The film has technical errors, logic errors, clichés. But in spite of all this, the good aspects are much more. James Wan really created a separate world for the film. The underwater scenes were very good. The visuality is tremendous. Sea creatures, underwater conversations, used camera angles, location preferences, costume designs, fighting scenes, visual effects were very good. The music was just as good as the visuals. Even a separate film for Atlantis can be shot. 8/10
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Titans (I) (2018– )
Did DC succeed this time?
29 December 2018
The series has a quite dark atmosphere. It could have been better if the dark atmosphere was a little bit less. The story can be said to be chaos with one word. You can easily guess how the story will progress. It's easy to combine the pieces and there's not enough factor to keep the audience alive for 50 minutes. Only things that Robin lived with Batman are attractive. The balance between the occasional jokes and the scenes where the heads are blown out is well established.

Dick Grayson got tired of Batman and his teachings and started to work as a detective in Detroit. We see Dick has lost control while trying to get out shadow of Batman. This incredibly darkened character almost beats people to death and cannot stop himself. The most successful character of the series, and of course Brenton Thwaites, who plays the character in this success, has a great role. The character on which the series is based is Raven, as anyone who knows a little about the stories of Titans can guess. It's a tasteful to watch Raven. Starfire is an overdone character. I think they wanted the character to look cool, but it was too much for me. Beast Boy's well-known joke and funny are well used. It is successful in scenes where the character turned into tiger. And the CGI wasn't bad either. It is also possible to see the characters from the upcoming Doom Patrol series. And I liked Jason Todd, the new Robin. All the characters in the series are in a pretty good condition, despite some of the cons.

DC has done a good job and has been a promising series for future DC productions. Watch this series if you're someone who likes superhero stories. 7/10
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Is it really under your control?
28 December 2018
Bandersnatch feels like something completely new. It was an awesome experience. You are the factor that can alter character's story for better or worse. Even the supporting characters are influenced by the decisions you make. There's a different end for everyone depending on your choices. Netflix says that there are 5 "main endings" with multiple variants of each. When you watch it again after watching, it makes you feel like you're watching a different movie. Netflix has found a way to make it a deeply personal experience. You feel responsible for the character's choices. It's really fun to have the options in the hands of the audience. And for a first attempt, Netflix succeeds. You should watch it. - I saw people who couldn't get the message the movie wanted to give. I recommend that they watch carefully. 9/10
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Bodyguard (2018– )
Never Show Your Weakness!
22 December 2018
I think the British are usually successful in thriller genre. And I've seen that they are really successful with this series. The series made an excellent beginning with the opening scene. I can say that, the first 20 minutes of Bodyguard are arguably one of the best thriller scenes. From that moment onwards, I knew I had to watch all of episodes as quickly. At some moments the tension was so high that I could feel the excitement.

Action scenes were very successful, directors and cinematographer did well. The scenario is not unnecessarily extended, the series has a realistic fiction in general, and you get excited while watching. The action is so good so that you can't talk about some scenes being stagnant because there is a team that reflects emotions very well. What's really impressive about this series are the breathtaking action-packed scenes. It's here where it really deserves. As with most dramas, it skews dark, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for the world it is portraying.

There are two things that make Bodyguard stand out from a lot of the other similar series in this genre and the first is the way it good manages thriller. The first twenty minutes of the first episode is a really good example of this. The second one is acting. The entire cast is giving very good performances, in what are at times really difficult roles. The acting, particularly from Richard Madden, is outstanding. Best known for his role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones (2011), Richard Madden has an incredibly difficult job of playing someone whose world is starting to fall apart. 8/10
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The Protector (2018– )
The First Turkish Netflix Series!
14 December 2018
Netflix's first Turkish-made series. In this respect, it has a different importance. The series can be criticized in many ways, but it should be noted that it is the first Turkish-made Netflix series.

A beautiful story was written by combining Turkish history and places with fantastic elements. In the first part, we see that Istanbul was brought to the forefront. Towards the end of the chapter, the story is revealed. Fluent and immersive, have a different taste. We immediately understand that this is a Netflix series. Another thing I like in this series is; showing past. The story goes back to the Ottoman period.

Çagatay Ulusoy are really good. I can't say the same thing for women actors. They are a uninspiring next to Çagatay. No need to tell Mehmet Kurtulus and Okan Yalabik. Mehmet Yilmaz Ak successfully playacts a small man trying to turn a big job. Although it is one of the remaining roles in the background, it is necessary to underline the player's success. I wish he had more roles.

Let's come to the bad sides of the series. The biggest problem of the series is dialogues. The dialogues were written so badly that even the best actor was unnatural. Continuously repeating the words of "immortal" and "guard". A little artificial. Cinematographer did a good job but vfx was bad. Special effects should have been better. The powers of the hero are not fully explained. These should be told to the audience. This beautiful story could have been better with a good script. After winning the superhero powers, there must be an improvement in his character but there is no such thing here. Still same. If you are making a superhero series, it must have plenty of action scenes. And these action scenes must be incredible cool. Unfortunately, there are very few action scenes. The series is nice compared to the standard Turk series, but it's a little bad for the Netflix series.

It should be noted that this series is a few steps away from the originals of Netflix in different countries. The lesser the budget allocated to the series may have an impact on this. Because with a higher budget, it would be possible to enjoy a completely different narrative that the journey to different times.

As a result; I'm positive about this series. For the first time, we encounter such a fiction. Of course, it has shortcomings, but it's never bad. I hope the series shows the success required and we have the opportunity to watch alternative productions like this. 8/10
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Narcos: Mexico (2018– )
The drug war continues only the venue is different!
17 November 2018
If we say that this series is addictive like drugs, we don't say wrong. I'd say it's really compatible with the name of the show. It is very enjoyable to watch such a drug war in Mexico after Colombia. No one from the old cast. We see a new battle with a completely new cast. I think the idea of adapting the same issue to another country is good. After beginning with Pablo Escobar in Colombia, "Narcos" shifted to the Cali cartel, an equally colorful and bloodthirsty bunch. Now we see the Mexican drug lord Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. Also named as El Padrino, Felix Gallardo is a citizen of El Chapo. Both of them are from Culiacan. Though the episodes are lengthy, it's a absorbing story. Historically we may know the outcome but Narcos: Mexico has an interesting story. Definitely worth watching. 9/10
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This Sabrina Doesn't Look Like Before!
27 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, the biggest difference from the previous productions of the series is that the script is based entirely on Archie comics. I can say that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has recently become a candidate for being one of the best series that has centered on supernatural powers. In the new adaptation story, unlike the innocent spells Sabrina made to those who were annoyed at high school, we are watching the struggle of a young girl to make herself do as she wishes. The powerful feminist references in the series highlight both the character of Sabrina and the series.

The series that makes references to discrimination in society through the human and non-human equation, does not neglect to touch the discourse of racism in recent times. Why can't I be both a witch and a human being? In Sabrina's rebellious attitude is a good reference to the problem of not being a place where many immigrants live today. Sabrina's decision to decide which world to belong to is a good example. The fact that Sabrina is forced to choose a side brings a separate criticism to the multi-cultural understanding of society in which the extreme right-wing parties, which are at the center of today's socio-cultural debates, and which are rising thoroughly in the world. You can easily understand why Kiernan Shipka, who we know from Mad Men, is the first choice of the producers. A 16-year-old naive, excited, in love with a young girl as well as a well-grounded portrait of a courageous young girl who never dies from fighting for the things she believes in is drawing her very well. Shipka is best when Sabrina's mortal side is in play, when she's getting silly or excited with her friends, or bucking the satanic system. She never falls below the performances of Hilda (Lucy Davis) and Zelda (Miranda Otto) aunts.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is much more than the story of an adolescent witch with its horror and tension. This series offers its viewers a very different look with Sabrina with wit and ready-to-answer dialogues, fearless intrigues in her mystical and dark atmosphere, and feminist references. 7/10
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Black Mirror (2011– )
Definitely worth seeing!
25 October 2018
This is truly an amazing show. The issues that the show grapples with and illuminates in each episode are timely and significant. To say that this show deals with the dark side of technology and human nature is to make to simple of a comparison. The stories are mostly set in a dystopian world that is dominated or badly influenced by modern technology. What makes "Black mirror" so great is the attention to detail and inter/intrapersonal relationships and how the main character would feel and experience its brave new world. Well thought out plots, characters, settings and really good storytelling. It asks some hard questions of what and where we really want technology to take us. Or maybe already have taken us. Definitely worth seeing! Treat yourself and watch this. 9/10
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Super creepy. Best horror I've seen in a long time.
17 October 2018
So, Let me start by saying I would give this show an 8.5, however, I have bumped it to a 9 as I finished the show recently, and my impressions of the last two episodes may be negatively skewing it lower.

Let's begin with the premise of the show, to which I will be lovingly comparing it to the hit 2004 TV show "Lost" and an incredible tour de force recent film "Hereditary". We begin by being introduced to the show's main characters. A family of seven, five children and two parents. The show starts in 2018 and we are introduced to a grown up version of the family. We instantly make our snap judgements of the characters, usually negative in most cases. And then in the style of lost, we experience the story of each character (with one episode being allocated to one member) in a double flashback fashion. First we are told the story of the children whom lived at Hill House many years ago. And then we are told a more recent story of the character that leads them to present day.

I want to say that this version of story telling is not unique to "The Haunting of Hill House", however, it might be that it is the best implementation of it I have seen to date. Utterly gripping. I don't know if anyone reads the novel. I have had the opportunity to read years ago. I liked it. The show isn't exactly a novel. There are serious changes. Of course a good change. The show sells us this incredible multi-faceted mystery, that intertwines throughout the years, and where none of the family are on the same page. And it does a wonderful job of tying up all those narratives, all those moments that you just let go as a "glitch in the system" but then later it would call back to it and you would understand a mystery you didn't even know existed. With that, it is important to recognise the fantastic job the show did of revealing the "How" of the show. How everything tied together.

A fan of black and white horror movies I am well acquainted with Robert Wise's 1963 "The Haunting", which to this day stands out to me as a classic of the haunted house horror genre. Netflix's "The Haunting of Hill House" retains a lot of what makes that movie so great while also branching out on its own and introducing diverse and interesting characters. Also child players and adults really look like each other. Cast selection successful. While there is a definite difference of rating and the show opted to go into the realm of color tv I consider both to be entertaining and chilling in what makes classic horror effective. There's even familiar nods to the movie- the iconic spiral staircase, a scene where two people are scared out of there minds by the walls seemingly coming alive and starting to shake, etc. This series falls more in the suspense than in horror and evidently if you are one of those who thinks that horror means gallons of blood and deaths every 20 minutes, forget it.

The series focuses on the stories of different siblings in different episodes. And it shows the stunning points that individual stories touch. In fact, each time, we see that there are different points of events. We see the same event from other perspectives. Thus, the story of the family takes on a more intense dramatic structure, on the other hand it is becoming more and more complex thanks to the different details revealed. The funeral scene in episode 6 has a really good shooting technique. The camera enters the recording and the scene is shot in a single sequence. One of the most impressive scenes I've seen on TV. I mean, Mike Flanagan's giving a directing lecture.

Where the Netflix series really stands out to me is by tying all of the horror elements to PTSD, making you question whether these horrors are really just confined to the house, the people who lived in it, or both. The characters are somehow trying to live out their lives to the fullest and keep their sanity after the history and tragic memories of living in a haunted house. Each character believes different things about what happened there, and each is damaged in their own way. It feels somewhat reminiscent to TV shows like Lost in a way. This show goes pretty deep into this reality and for some it could possibly hit a little too close to home. 9/10
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Immortals (2018)
The First Turkish Vampire Series!
8 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's easy to make a series, but it's hard to reveal a nice series. Fantastic stories can be nice if handled well but this is as difficult as making a nice series. Especially more difficult to do in Turkey. When I first heard the news about this series, I thought that there would be artificial dialogues and lousy acting. But when I watched the trailer, my expectations were too high. It was a good trailer from what I expected. I watched all the episodes when the series came out. As of the first episode, I liked the dark atmosphere created in the series. We saw Istanbul in a way we had never seen before. When I saw the first episode, I said "yes", this time it happened. But unfortunately the series moved on very badly after the second episode.

It is good that the story dates back to the Ottoman period, but it is bad that it is based on revenge. A girl turned into a vampire comes to Istanbul for revenge years later. I don't like this script. It's not an attractive scenario for me. I can't say that the series is good except for a few elements. I liked the environment created in the series. In accordance with a story that passes today, but goes beyond time; it is colored with sharp and bright lights and has a misty and mysterious atmosphere. In almost every scene, the use of hot and cold colors is enriched with a lot of visuals. Before I started watching the series I was nervous about the success of the visual effects, but they were quite well practiced. The technical flaws of the directory seemed to be mostly in the editing. In the transitions of the scenes, there were disjointed and confused places in the connections of events. The other thing that bothered me is the characteristics of vampires. Our native vampires are a little different from the vampires we know. The vampires have never used the speed characteristics, or that's not this the speed I understand. Unfortunately, the action scenes was very few. Vampires had a fighting scene, and I don't even want to mention it. You're expecting a big battle between vampires and hunters until you get to the last episode of the series. But there's not even one battle in the series. The final episode has been very big disappointment. Yeah well, I said now will be war. But it's not. All the vampires gave up and ran away. It's really ridiculous. I didn't think it would be so bad.

I want to mention about the cast of the series. Although the dialogues are very artificial the acting was above average. Especially Birkan Sokullu was good. I think he fits the vampire role. I couldn't love Kerem Bursin. He seemed very American. He was grinning among other actors. Mia, played by Elçin Sangu, is quite cold and distant character. Apart from the main cast, there is a feeling of artificiality for all the side characters that make up both vampires and hunters. In general, I did not like the cast of the series. Vampires are not convincing. They were making strange noises I've never seen before. The hunters have not been able to catch a tremendously exaggerated and convincing tone. Also, I can say that the sex scene of Kerem Bürsin and Nilperi Sahinkaya, who is a mockery in social media, is quite surreal. Although the series initially excites us as ideas, it is a sloppy production due to the weakness of the performances and the scenario. 5/10
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Avlu (2018– )
Exciting and immersive...
29 March 2018
Avlu, started with a single-plan opening like a movie. It was quite impressive and the music selection was very good. At the beginning of the series they showed Istanbul very well. It really makes you feel like you're watching a movie. Series filmings are very good.

Demet Evgar is one of the rare players who suits both comedy and drama. For the first time Ceren Moray came out with this role. And this role really suits her. It will be pleasant to watch the battle of Kudret and Azra. The most exciting TV series I've seen in recent times.

The most painful realities of Turkey described in this sequence. Those who were killed by their father when they demanded protection from the state, those who were killer to protect from violence... 8/10
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Sahsiyet (2018)
I think this series is top of among the Turkish series.
26 March 2018
After Fi, I started with a low expectation and continued with admiration. Hakan Günday and Azra Kohen are not comparable to each other. There is no need to look for flaws in Sahsiyet. Thanks to Puhu TV, quality in the Turkish series sector has risen so much. Sahsiyet's story is a bit like Breaking Bad, a bit of a Dexter mix, much more different and much more intimate.

Sahsiyet's greatest trump card; Behind the screen are two successful names such as Hakan Gunday and Onur Saylak. Hakan Gunday, one of the greatest writers that Turkish literature has recently released, writes the screenplay of Sahsiyet. The scenarios in each section are overly pleasing. Those who know their books, I am sure they felt this.

The second biggest trump card in the series is the Haluk Bilginer factor. As for the Cansu Dere... Everyone has a prejudice against her. But I do not think it's bad. I did not see an exaggeration. Exceptionally lean, understated, with a moderate performance on display, without too much trouble. Only the character Nevra, a little too American. The Turkish police is like a Behzat Ç. Police office looks like the American Police Department in Sahsiyet. It's a very successful mini-series. I wish it was a few seasons. 10/10
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Altered Carbon (2018– )
Altered Carbon is flawed, but it's also fantastic.
2 February 2018
The cast, acting, music, cgi we're spot on. The ambiance and give it a really unique feel almost like blade runner. I read the book a few months ago and i'm really glad they didn't sell out and followed the book so closely, the small details are what really makes it. I can't speak highly enough of this show great book adaptation easy. I like the series in general. 8/10
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Dark (2017– )
One of the most successful series I've seen in recent years!
29 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The show can be rather slow and can often feel like it's going to take the approach of lost leaving questions unanswered, but it does all lead somewhere and it's an intriguing time travel thriller/mystery with some amazing performances. The show drags at times but the script and the actors more than make up for it.

One word of caution though. Do not watch the English dub. It's terrible. It feels like amateur, emotionless actors reading a script for the first time. If you're not watching the original German dub then you're doing yourself a massive disservice.

Was really surprised to see critics giving it such low scores and comparing it to Stranger Things. I don't see any connection or reason to compare it to Stranger Things. The closest I can come up with is that is reminds me of the eerie feeling of Donnie Darko. It's totally a high end series which can compete with some other Netflix shows.

The pace and jumps between story arcs is excellent. I was hooked from the beginning to end. 9/10
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La casa de papel (2017– )
This series is a masterpiece!
23 January 2018
This series gives a lot of big messages. First of all, Dali masks are not an ordinary choice. Dali is a genius painter who inherited life that is contrary to popular morality and common customs. He has never accepted the imperatives from the society and the right to wrong moral codes. The masks represent this irregularity.

Red overalls represent socialism. The wearers are socialist comrades and fighting. Mint and cops represent capitalism. In capitalism money sets everything. Even morals will set money. So when someone attacks the money, those people are declared bad. When attacked by money, capitalism is waging a war against the attackers with its armed and visual mechanisms.

The professor is symbolizing the scientific perspective and accounting. After all, scientific thinking and accountability overcome all kinds of problems. But love succumbs.

I have not seen such meaningful socialism for a long time. Moreover, Salvador Dali's tactic was used in the series. You think you are watching the events, but every time you have a deep meaning and message. Ciao Bella is the symbol of socialism.

Fabulous work. It's not just a movie or a script. It is a wonderful work as a philosophy. There is a great slap in the capitalist system. 10/10
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Stranger Things (2016– )
Again a very nice series from Netflix!
22 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Stranger Things is a 1980s inspired and themed science fiction horror Netflix show. The show is set in November 1983 and takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins. Hawkins residence live a fairly normal life until a boy named Will Byers goes missing in the woods. Three of Wills friends Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfhard), Lucas Sinclair (played by Caleb McLaughin) and Dustin Henderson (played by Gaten Matarazzo) are very worried for him but what they uncover something more dark and sinister. After looking for their missing friend they come across a girl, who they call Eleven because of her tattoo. However they soon find out this isn't any ordinary girl but one with very special powers. It is very clear the show takes lot of inspiration from classics 80's films like The Goonies and ET.

The performances from all of the cast are great especially the child actors, who show the right amount of charisma and banter you expect from kids growing up in the 80's. However, the star of the show here is definitely Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) who plays the ET type of role in show. Millie's brilliant acting skills have a lasting effect on the viewer even though she has 42 words throughout the whole series.

The Duffer Brothers brilliant writing and directing skills play with your emotions to create a love letter to all those 80's horror films. It's truly something special! 9/10
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Fast, Furious and Emotional...
21 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The Fast and the Furious series began as a simple street adventure. He also loved this movie, which loves Need for Speed. The film has turned into one of the longest running series of movie theaters. It is necessary to make another addition to the new Fast and Furious films with the loss of an unfortunate traffic accident during the filming of former actor Paul Walker; Fast, Furious and Emotional...

Here's our thing; We have a very nice and poisonous cyber agent, played by Charlize Theron, aiming at launching a 3rd World War who is abducted by the Russian nuclear submarine and who does not know what to do and creating an environment of chaos. Dominic Toretto joins her own army because she knows who will come out. The rest of the team are confused but recover quickly and make Deckard, the bad head of the previous film, a forced partner. The rest is a big fuss and a big car pursuit sequence at the finals.

This time, F. Gary Gray... Before the film, it was a question mark for such a big budget, but the business that it reveals deserves applause. He has pulled the fastest and furious part that was drawn up until now. He is also successful in managing the player. He makes Charlize Theron both in love and hate, and Jason Statham is able to combine his ability to create disruptive humor with his fists. Speaking of punches, the film has close combat sequences that require as much choreography as we will see in a Jet Li movie, and these moments are more enthusiastically viewed than the car scenes.

Long story short; Fast and Furious 8, a Bond adventure for children of all ages. In warm Cuba it starts among the girls with mini skirts and ends in ice-cold arctic seas. Great budget, great adventure. If you look at the flowing text when the movie is over, you will see that the real heroes are the stunt team. Hollywood owes a lot to these crazy people. Watch the day and then download the soundtrack from Spotify because it is very successful and wait for the 9th movie. 8/10
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