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Really sweet little short!
I loved "A Star Is Born", so it's nice to see them again together!
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Stephanie boards a private jet after 3 hours sleep having been discovered by Bradley Cooper in a drag queen show as the only straight woman vocalist.
atheistauburn21 December 2018
She rides home with Coop in his SUV limo and shows him her SHALLOW lyrics. ....Coop jets to his next concert and leaves the limo driver outside her home with Andrew Dice Clay playing her Sinatra wannabe dad....she agrees to the jet with her best friend from work chaperoning. ....she hits the concert stage in street clothes and performs SHALLOW duet arranged by Coop THERE A STAR IS BORN
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Watch this instead of the movie
Horst_In_Translation30 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
What we have here is the music video for the song "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and of course this is taken right out of their new movie "A Star is Born". Welll, I am not a fan of the film at all and find it very mediocre and overrated, but the song as well as video, but more the song, here is pretty good. Cooper is tolerable during his solo part in the first 60 seconds, but yeah you still wonder how he became such a star with his voice in the movie. Then, 60 seconds into the film Gaga takes over and she does so with a landslide. Great voice, sounds amazing and I also like the lyrics quite a bit. So yeah without ranting any further about the film, there is almost nothing negative I can say about these 3.5 minutes we got here. And I am sure the more often I listen to the song, the more I will like it even despite both artists not being favorites of mine, rather on the opposite scale. The music video does not make me curious about watching ASiB again, but it impresses me as an achievement that stands on its own. No idea if this song is eligible for the upcoming Oscars, but if it is, then I have a feeling it will easily win the trophy. Go check it out, preferrably with the video, but the audio alone is certainly worth it as well.
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