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Dewey Duck: [trying to stop his brothers from opening Donald's supposed tomb] Wait, wait, wait! I mean, what if there's something or someone we don't wanna find? Louie, aren't you scared?

Louie Duck: [shrugs] Reap beats fear every time.

[He and Huey open the door with some struggle and fall inside]

Huey Duck: [surprised] Huh. It's empty.

[the triplets walk to the end of the room and find a bag with clothes sticking out]

Huey Duck: Just a beat-up old bag.

[Dewey looks at the bag closely and sees a label that reads, "Property of D. Duck". He gasps in shock. The boys hear a mysterious howl and soon see a monstrous dog enter the catacombs]

Dewey Duck: [scared] The demon dog of Castle McDuck!

[the triplets scream, shut the door, and back up to the edge of the room. The dog barks and scratches at the door ferociously]

Huey Duck: We need a distraction!

[grabs the bag from Dewey's arms]

Dewey Duck: [madly] Hey! Give it back!

Huey Duck: [pulls out a scarf from the bag] Louie, hold the door open! I'll set the scarf on fire and throw it out as a decoy!

[He prepares to light the scarf with his torch, but Dewey yanks the scarf and bag away]

Dewey Duck: [desperately] No! You can't!

Huey Duck: [frustrated] What is wrong with you?

Louie Duck: [also frustrated] Why are you being super weird? This is a bad time to be weird!

Dewey Duck: [hesitates before answering] Because it belongs to Mom!

[Huey and Louie gasp in shock]

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Huey Duck: [to Dewey, about the bag of clothes] How do you know this is Mom's?

Dewey Duck: [awkwardly] I've, uh, kind of been researching her on my own. A little. I just searched a little in the library, crashed the Sun Chaser, talked to the goddess Selene...

[realizes what he's saying]

Dewey Duck: Okay. You know, hearing it out loud it comes off WAY worse than it sounded in my brain.

Huey Duck: [furiously] HOW could you keep this from us?

Dewey Duck: I was trying to protect you from a potentially devastating revelation!

Huey Duck: [suspiciously] Or you just kept it to yourself so you can feel special! Classic Dewey! She's our MOM!

Dewey Duck: [ashamed] Okay, it's just... First, I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to get hurt. Then I COULDN'T tell you because I found out all this stuff and I didn't want you to hurt ME. I'm sorry, okay?

Huey Duck: [unconvinced] You're only sorry 'cause you got caught!

[Before Dewey can argue, he notices Louie sitting quietly in a corner. As the torch goes out, Louie holds Della's clothes, looking heartbroken and betrayed]

Dewey Duck: [worried] Louie? You okay?

Louie Duck: [close to tears] You kept a secret about Mom. That is not okay.

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