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Absolutely Cheezy
insainiy12 September 2019
Cheezy, tacky and a waste of time. Don't waste your money. Misleading trailer.
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mmsal3 September 2019
Sick sick sick and disgusting. Ok.. is it horror? Comedy? i am not sure .. by the end of this movie I was left disgusted and confused!
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Worst movie I have seen in a long time
Bad acting, not so funny moments, bad script... I did not like it at all!! In fact this is the first time I walk out of the theatre before the end... This movie is really pathetic, don't waste your money!
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Get Out 2: Ready Or Not
jacobnunnally6 September 2019
Would you like to make a Get Out 2: Ready Or Not? Sure, we all do. Simply add the following ingredients, won't we?

97 parts "Get Out" 1 part Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" somehow 1 part "Midsommer" 1 part Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game" garnish with a sprig of "Eyes Wide Shut"

This delicious although admittedly 100% unoriginal cocktail could, possibly, make you howl with laughter at unintentionally funny dialogue or wooden acting or a somehow tonedeaf script or a horror comedy that has somehow managed to take itself too seriously (?) . If you drink more than one you will begin to boo hiss at every turn. Drinker beware!
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Ready or not!....I didn't like it!
peeedeee-9428131 August 2019
I was intrigued by this one because of all the positive reviews, even though the trailer didn't quite sell it for me. It looked like a cross between The Purge and Eyes Wide Shut. Anyway, the movie starts of alright, the set up for what is about to come first with a flashback of the childhood of the boys, who then we see in present day is getting married to a blonde outsider played by Samara Weaving. I actually liked her initially. She seemed like someone we could root for and hope would kick some serious butt. Ultimately, I found her unlikable, just like all the other characters in the film. What was it about her I didn't like? Well, she just doesn't sell the role very well. Is she bad ass or is she just lucky, everything seems to work out too conveniently for her, considering she has several people hunting for her. She doesn't appear to have any fighting skills. But the worst part: Her scream. Ugh, every time she did that yodeling scream, I couldn't stop thinking about Adam Sandler in the waterboy. Or tarzan lol. I've never heard an annoying scream like that before lol. The story's pacing and tone is just all over the place. Much of the killing is accidental, nothing happens due to skill. There were too many predictable moments, like that 'goat pit' or whatever they called it that scene was too obvious where it was going. And clearly the family didn't care about piling bodies out in the open?! And the swearing was terrible. I'm no prude, and I look a good f word in the right place, but this movie was mainly filled with unfunny moments where the characters keep saying wtf over and over. The dialogue really needed improving. The ending was kind of funny, but ultimately, unsatisfying. It really didn't make any sense either. Overall, this movie was just okay, I'd recommend watching it on Netflix. I watched for a discount price so I can't complain. I give it 2 marks for the reasonably good CGI gore in a few places, but that's about it.
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hamanoooo2328 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not gonna lie, the concept seemed interesting and original with potential. However, execution was terrible. It starts off well with proper horror vibes that kept me on the edge of my seat right until the first 'accidental' death of one of the maids. It was at this point that I knew it was going downhill. By the time they got to the third maid's death, I was ready to leave.

The excessive comic relief scenes were completely unnecessary and made me cringe. I still don't get how/why movies try to incorporate comedy in horror films because they're two conflicting genres that defeat each other's purpose. What's worse is that the characters were extremely unfunny and the deaths were ridiculous, therefore taking away the fright factor (if it existed).

But the worst part has got to be the ending. So they were right all along and as a result, they all died in a comical way? Ha ha? We barely got to see any kills in the movie. Why kill all these characters in one stupid scene instead of using them to make a good horror film with several separate deaths.

Overall, the movie was absolute garbage. Seemed like a mix of Get Out and the Cabin in the Woods but A LOT worse. All the high ratings are probably from teenagers or people with low IQs that find comedic horror films 'entertaining'.
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j-thind2 September 2019
Has to be one of the worst movies I've seen in a few years...
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Not worth your time!!
blasis77331 August 2019
This movie was so bad, I wanted to leave. I stayed thinking it would get better. It DID NOT!! The excessive profanity was so distracting it made for an awful experience. I am sorry I wasted my time and money!! Choose something better This review could contain a spoiler, how can you spoil something that is so putrid.
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Really ?
condraga30 August 2019
One of the worst movies I've seen lately! What a disappointment! Bad script, bad scenes, everything is bad!
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Still figuring out how to get my time and money back.
alaskanhero0829 August 2019
Andie McDowell was on The Today Show praising the "very smart" dialogue and the brilliant directing. Wow, great salesmanship Andie, I'm going to buy a movie ticket and go watch it! 10 minutes into the film the warning signs begin that this movie is a huge mess - acting, pacing and writing and execution of ideas. Even the great Ms. McDowell doesn't seem quite comfortable in how to play her character at times. When the screenplay writers ran out of scripting ideas, the F bomb was inserted, over and over again. It's one of the worst films I've ever seen and it makes me want to venture out even less to the movie theater and take risks with my time and money.
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Wait... what? This is a reused plot?
crevallejack31 August 2019
As it progressed, my sense of deja by turned into an ability to know what was coming next and, finally, the dawning surprise that... I've seen this before. Oh... I see... it's a remake of another film, and not even an old one. Blech!
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Great story, but...
jak-kath30 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
As soon as I saw the trailer, I loved the idea of the movie, a family of lunatics who have some kind of acceptance rituals for the new family members, but when I saw the movie, I hated that I even thought about seeing it, the comedy is just bad, as if they trying to shove the comedy down your throat, the actors did their best and they did a good job, but still... If it was a horror only movie it would be better, exploding like this in the end of the movie is just stupid, there wasn't any paranormal power or entity from the beginning, why would you add it in the end ? Emily's character is just annoying, and her husband is just trying so hard to be funny but it's not working. I'm not a critic, but this movie could have been better.
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realyounghotjose27 August 2019
Umm that was really weird and really dumb movie! It was entertaining I guess.
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Heartless black comedy
marshthoughts24 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
(In fairness, I knew from the trailer that I probably would find this movie too dark. If you liked the trailer, maybe you will like this movie. The Rotten Tomatoes rating convinced me to see it, but sometimes statistics can be deceiving.)

Samara Weaving plays a new bride marrying into an unusual family, who have board games on display in their hallways and taxidermied animals eating other taxidermied animals in their living room. However, she soon realizes that things are even darker than they seem, and she has to fight to survive her wedding night.

Unfortunately, that's about as much as the plot is developed. The movie could have been a satire on family dynamics or class, or maybe it could have pushed the absurdist elements to the forefront (instead of leaving that for the ending, which was just weird enough that it almost worked), but instead the flimsy plot is treated as an excuse to run through shock-value violence in which every meaningless death (most of them women) is treated as a punchline. Someone in my row walked out shortly before the end; I should have walked out long before.

Although the great cast gives it their all, they are given little to do other than scream and run. A deeply upsetting and shallow movie.
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Could have been good but they chose to be bad
gianthaole29 August 2019
I regret giving my money to this movie. Dont go, don't rent, dont buy, dont netflix it, just ignore it. Horrible movie.
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Wait for it to come on TV
jordanjanssen2 September 2019
Oh dear. What a silly film.

Poor girl marries into rich family who have a ritual for anyone joining the family to play a randomly selected game. Poor Grace gets the 'Hide and Seek' card, which means the rich folk (including young grade school age kids) hunt her with the intent to kill her.

The film started quite earnestly in trying to be a creepy weirdo family house of horrors and rapidly descended into vacuous exhibition of digital gore. People in the cinema were laughing out loud most of the way through, and not in a good way!

I only went to see this as an Odeon 'screen unseen' in the U.K. and because I have a cinema pass. If I had paid my £14 for a ticket, I would have been very unhappy about it. As it was, my companions got in for £5 each, which is all this film is worth.

If you've seen a genuinely scary film, you'll want to give this a miss. The moniker of 'comedy' is more apt than 'suspense, horror, thriller' as shown on IMDb.

Save yourself the money, and have a giggle at this when it arrives on satellite TV.
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I wish I could give this a lower rating
marine-422842 September 2019
Right next to the son of the mask, this movie knocks it out of the park as a contender for worst movie of all time. Horrible plot + cheesy jokes + predictable scenes + not scary + boring = Ready or Not. If you hate two hours of your life and $15... go see this movie.
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keshatrippett1 September 2019
When movies like this make it to the big screen and can entertain people with the killings and story-line, it makes me become very concerned about the state of our world. This movie was terrible.
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Good idea executed terribly.
hotrodd-7276128 August 2019
A rather interesting idea for a movie was ruined in how the movie came together. Swear-words are thrown out every second (often two or three words per sentence) as very crude poor attempts at jokes. Very unnecessary and bring the movie down as a whole. In a dark comedy hide-and-seek movie where to win is to survive through the night you're obviously supposed to root for the protagonist Grace. But the actoress and the writing for Ready Or Not make it so that the protagonist is very unlikeable. Makes the movie hard to watch overall. If it wasnt for the unlikeable protagonist/actress and the (very unnecessary) consisstant swearing throughout the movie. Ready or Not (2019) would be a 5/10 movie.
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Mediocre first half. Bad last half
alexmcgonigle-0759326 August 2019
Many positives about the movie. But the bad out way the good. First half was intriguing with a few mediocre elements but nonetheless entertaining. During the last half the movie strays off and losses it's touch and becomes very stupid within the last 20 minutes.
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Save your money
wookiedacat25 August 2019
This movie is not worth the money you spend on a movie ticket trust me. After a while I wanted to walk out it was so boring.
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Worst movie ever
jamisonminard24 August 2019
I have watched some pretty terrible movies in my time and this one takes the cake. It's a pretty good concept for a movie just poorly executed with unnecessary "comic relief". The chubby dude I forget his name was extremely unfunny and was trying to be relatable but failed terribly. The aunt with the ace looked like she was out of a comic book and the drug addict sister was just unrealistic the gore was over the top stupid. I was tempted to sneak into another theatre room and hope a better movie was playing but I thought I would give it a chance but I ended up being unsatisfied in the end of it.
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Interesting idea, but execution lacking in creativity or thrills
lluewhyn13 September 2019
While the concept of The Most Dangerous Game involving a woman against her in-laws is somewhat original, the execution of this film is bad.

Problems: 1. This is probably the most undeveloped main character I have ever seen. You learn almost nothing about her history or desires, which makes it really hard to care about her more than the fact she's being chased by murderers. Most of the characterization and time is spent with the family members, who are the villains, and almost all of them are pathetic.

2. The profanity in this film is over the top. The characters probably swear twice as much as a Tarantino film, and with a lot less creativity or impact. It would be funnier to hear the "blue-blood" family start swearing once things start getting so bad for them, but all of them are swearing left and right from the beginning of the film so there's no escalation that makes the profanity interesting.

3. The film teases out a class struggle at the very beginning, with the protagonist concerned about marrying into this upper crust family, but along with the swearing from #2 these family members really don't act very high class at all, the main character Grace has a posh accent that doesn't make her come off as lower class, so this plot/theme goes nowhere at all.

4. It looks like the filmmakers were trying to make this more realistic at times (but not consistently so), so the main protagonist has no special combat skills, ingenuity, or athletic ability. As a result, too many of her "successes" are pure luck or someone doing something stupid. As a result, this film pits the Unremarkable vs. the Unintelligent. This isn't that exciting.

5. There are really very few interesting set pieces, probably due to lack of imagination or funds. The action appears in short, boring bursts, and there's no visual wow factor. You get the feeling they didn't have much in the way of stunt coordinators.

6. A related problem is that you never get a good perspective of the mansion or grounds, and with characters wandering in and out of the plot at random, you never get a really good perspective of how difficult it would be to "seek" Grace. The film just meanders from room to room, and the tension of the hunt just dissipates as a result. I'm guessing they just didn't have the funds to acquire a good interior location for the set.
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The Party's Over
jadepietro4 September 2019


IN BRIEF: This newlywed game is an awful horror film that dispatches its dark comedy origins more quickly than its bloody victims.

JIM'S REVIEW: Summer 2019 was the bleakest of times...hurricanes destroying the lives of many survivors, mass shootings with no gun regulation in sight, a roller-coaster of a economy due to unnecessary trade wars, an unhinged president...and one of the most disappointing movie roster to ever (dis)grace the tarnishing silver screen. Take your pick, which was the worst...all were bad news. Let us beg the gods above that September brings with it an autumnal bounty of good news.

That said, my first fall film experience is Ready or Not, a slice-and dice horror send-up about the trials and tribulations of matrimonial bliss when one is confronted with in-laws whose sole purpose is to play a game I would like to called Kill the Bride. This wealthy family has a tradition of playing games like hide-and-seek on one's wedding night to welcome the newest member to the family. So let the games begin, of course, at the stroke of midnight.

Yes, you might say that the premise is very far-fetched and ludicrous. You could say that I knew what I was about to see from the trailer. And I would wholeheartedly agree with your statements. But my hopes as a reviewer were still high, if a bit naive as our plucky heroine, that this strange little movie might have a sharp (literally) comic edge about its satirical subject, playing up the dark humor and downplaying the gore. No. Instead it was just a very bloody version of Clue with various killings and assorted weapons used by deranged members of this dysfunctional family in the conservatory or in the dining room. (Everyone, of course, has the poorest of aim, little vision, or any semblance of reality or character development. And now, I'm talking about the directors and its screenwriters. Let's place the blame directly at them: Directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillert never find the right tone in this macabre mishmash and writers Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy only celebrate predictability with their contrived concept and just cannot create believable characters or clever dialog. The twist ending is more absurd than expected and a real letdown.)

The actors range from deserving of better material to find another job ASAP. Samara Weaving (a Margot Robbie wannabe) plays Grace, the woeful bride. At least, this actress has some screen presence as does Mark O'Brien as Alex, the hapless groom. One actually pities this talented actors who deserve a better way to make a living, As Alex's brother, David, Adam Brody has his moments but is rather bland. From there, it gets worse: Henry Czerny, usually a fine character actor, is at his hammiest and has done far better work than this shlock suggests. That Andie MacDowell is part of this misfire only adds to the disappointment and confirms that what happens to actresses in their elder years does indeed qualify for elder abuse. Granted, the script is a mess and it is difficult to tell if it is the fault of the actors or the badly-written characters they play.

The rest of the supporting cast is ghastly in their roles and they appear to come off as strictly amateurs in this movie. They all seem to be directed to perform like a live action Addams Family knock-offs without the make-up or wit, although Nicky Guadagni as Aunt Helene is cartoonish enough. (Some advice to all of the the ensemble: Your dedication to your craft is admirable. But, perhaps, your desperation to be a part of this biz we call show outweighs your better judgement. Ask yourself if you really want a film like this to be part of your legacy when doing your next venture. Plus, find a better agent.)

For the record, Grace's white wedding gown turns a nice shade of deep crimson by the film's third act, if you care by then. (And those final scenes are unintentional laughable as the film veers into supernatural territory.) The body count continues to rise as servants and kin are dispatched with glee. The violence ranges from stabbings, impalements, beheadings, and gruesome shootings. The weapons include axes, cross-bows, rifles, pistols, and knives.

How this movie merited some critical praise (and it did) is baffling! The suspense is nil, with nary a scare or a laugh, although the directors have an obsession for close-up gore and torture, believing that blood-drenched corpses gurgling their last gasps of life constitutes a horror film nowadays. Need I say more.

Ready or Not is more not than ready. No RSVP is needed. Just avoid this wedding party at all costs.

Ah, Autumn! Have you already forsaken me!
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Very silly and sick movie
amaniraji24 August 2019
I do not recommend watching it!!! Very silly and sick movie that doesn't worth a penny, I'm a big fan of horror movies but that's not categorized as such ..
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