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Part two is more for kids. Little kids.
reyienal-5-9755251 November 2018
The first goosebumps movie that came out in 2015 was fun, dark, and deffently for all audiences. This one felt like a rip off from modern movie IT, or stranger things. The actors at times got on my nerves and frankly Slappy as the main bad guy felt boring and I feel he is being over used. Also all of the monsters being out at the same time felt like a repetition of part 1 except the cast was younger and more annoying. 1. Would I see it again? Yea 2. Was it worth buying a ticket? No 3. Was the acting good? No 4. Was the music good? No 5. Costumes and fx good? Yes 6. Would I see it with a friend? Yes 7. Will I buy it on disc? No 8. Should you wait for it on DVD? Yes 9. Did i have fun? Yes 10. Is it a good movie? Yea...ish.
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Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween: Saturday morning entertainment
Platypuschow11 January 2019
I quite enjoyed Goosebumps (2015) it was silly larger than life fun based on books I certainly enjoyed as a child. I did however not expect a sequel!

Led by two very entertaining kids, flanked by the always likeable Wendi McLendon-Covey and less so Ken Jeong the movies cast is a solid one.

SFX? Ropey in places but the movie is on a big scale, monsters of all shapes and sizes so the cgi is rife.

Plot? Highly generic stuff but passable enough to kill 90 minutes with.

So where do the real issues lay? Well the tone seems rather different, this doesn't feel like a loyal Goosebumps sequel it feels like something you'd watch on a Saturday morning with your kids. It feels like Kenan & Kel Halloween special, the horror is pretty much non-existent and instead is a full on goofy family comedy. That really damaged the film for me, sure I didn't expect actual horror but a degree of threat like the first movie would have been nice and not a full on children's movie. Absolutely no parental supervision needed for this one!

I enjoyed all the wacky monsters, I liked how bright and colorful the whole thing was and how the two leads managed to be likeable despite my hatred for kids. Haunted Halloween isn't bad, it's just very disappointing and if this is the direction they're going in then I'm not fussed for any more films.

The Good:

Looks great for the most part

Cast do a decent job

Great monsters

The Bad:

CGI fails in places

Saturday morning tone did nothing for me
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I wasn't as good as the first movie but it's okay
jaydubwilliams23 December 2018
The movie was okay.Not awful just okay But it a was pretty fun movie
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Below average
idodags11 December 2018
Just like the book, you can't expect more from it. It's just another cheeky teen movie, just come from more popular source. That's it.
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Goosebumps 2
joelparrish29 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I never read the books but was expecting much more given the books are successful and the tv series is pretty good. The movie kind of dragged on and it was good 45 minutes before anything remotely interesting happens. Not much horror and the action non existing even for a kids movie. The asian guy from the hangover movies is in this for comic relief but is really obnoxious and an idiot. Jack Black is in it for the last 5 minutes but is really a waste of time and talent. I half fell asleep in the last 20 minutes and this movie seemed to drag and the villain never really had a decent motive. Story and plot didn't make sense and was kind of lame.
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Absolutely Amazing!!!
jeterjordo11 October 2018
Well, as a goosebumps fan. I REALLY loved this movie and highly enjoyable! Great Effects and Great Cast! I recommend this movie.
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Needed more Jack Black
cguldal3 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This sequel is not as good as the first one. I think Jack Black was sorely needed, not necessarily because the acting was lacking, but the script seemed a bit too flat at times, characters stating the obvious after the fact, etc. The involvement of the store clerk was unnecessary and was only there to later connect with mom, who seemed more like an extra (again, not because of the acting, which was good). The young actors and the neighbor were successful and did a good job with the lines, I thought. The meta stuff about the plot turns and elements was funny. The bullying stuff was OK, but really stale by now, as it seems to be in every single movie involving kids in school, where the bully is just a stupid, book-hating idiot, and the kids being bullied are just nice, smart kids (and I would argue being bullied would not make anyone nice, at least...) As for the main plot with Slappy, I felt like there was no real mystery, no real drive. Slappy wants a family, OK... And he will try to get it... OK. But at no point do we feel the drive, understand his motives. But then again, I am probably expecting too much from a dummy.

Overall, en enjoyable film, especially for the fans. But I'd have liked smarter dialog and plot, and more Jack Black. The special effects were great, no complaints there. The few kids in the audience seemed engaged, and they were scared at times, but not too much.
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Loved it!
stellamalfoy12 October 2018
Wonderfully done! I loved all the ghouls and creatures in the film.

Pay attention to the last few minutes of the movie before the credits and you can spot a certain person making a surprise cameo!
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family fun!!!
bradykid-2606015 October 2018
We took our 10 year old daughter to see it. Perfect for the Halloween season.
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A fun and frightful movie!
nickcarothers11 October 2018
Goosebumps 2 is a really fun movie to watch! Perfect for Halloween! I recommend you see it, even adults will like it, the film has great laughs, cast, and the monsters in this film actually look scary!
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Spooky, fun and creative
rannynm11 October 2018
Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is spooky, fun and creative! It is very engaging and entertaining throughout the whole film.

The story is about a young boy, Sonny (Jeremy Ray Taylor) and his best friend, Sam (Caleel Harris) who finds a book. When they open it, a doll called Slappy comes out! The boys lose the book, but keep Slappy. The friends are very surprised and a bit scared when they discover that the doll can talk. He seems nice at the beginning. He wants to have a family. But later, the boy, his sister Sarah (Madison Iseman) and his best friend realize he is strange and don't want him to be part of their family anymore. Slappy has his own personal agenda and decides to create his own family. He makes Halloween come to life as he invades the whole town with monsters and all the creatures as allies. This is a very scary Halloween for the town of Wardenclyffe, where the story takes place, as all creatures make real chaos. Sonny, Sam and Sarah team up with neighbor Mr. Chu (Ken Jeong) to find the book that Slappy from to figure out how to stop him. They discover that the book can suck up monsters and they are determined to save the city.

The story is based on R.L Stine's books. This is where Jack Black comes in as he reprises his role from the 2015 film, playing the writer who came to help. His performance as the author is excellent. I love his voice work giving life to Slappy the Dummy.

The movie is funny and spooky in equal amounts. There is mystery and discovery all combined in the storytelling. There's kind of a homage to horror films, as we see some classic monsters. My favorite scenes are the ones with the Halloween decorations coming to life in the store and the fight with the gummy bears that become real and attack Sonny and Sam.

The effects are very well done. This story focuses on the 3 main characters and the actors did a good job carrying the film. There's a tribute to the books and literature. There's a beautiful metaphor with the blank pages in the book which is powerful. It is so interesting and kind of reminded me that reality is scarier than fantasy and there will be more stories to be written. The message of this film is, "when we face our own fears we learn how not to be scared."

Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween opens October 12, 2018 and is the perfect movie for kids this Halloween. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommended it for ages 6 to 13 and grown ups as well.

By Zoe C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
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Another bland and boring cashgrab
buttsnarkety4 November 2018
Uninteresting characters Sub par story Meh villain Predictable ending Not worth watching just watch the originals. Verdict: MEGA CASHGRAB
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Kid friendly scares, just like the first one.
DarkVulcan2915 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The story itself is pretty simply, two teenage friends sneak in an old house, they both believe to be haunted, find a book and soon find a dummy named Slappy, not knowing where it came from but take it home anyway, both boys soon realize that Slappy is alive with supernatural powers, and quickly wants to wreck havoc on Halloween.

An entertaining film for the whole family, and it has kid friendly scares just like the first Goosebumps film, and the book series. Effects are great, and the young actors are also good, Jack Black returns as R.L. Stine, my problem here he serves very little purpose being in the film. Madison Iseman who's in the film, I can't help but feel she looks familiar, and when She and Jack Black are on screen together, made me remember they both where in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle(2017), in which Jack Black played her character trapped in the body of a man.

It ends with you wanting a third installment.
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Autistic Reviewers Opinion Of Goosebumps: Haunted Halloween.
autisticreviewers14 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Having read very bad reviews it lowered our expectations that Haunted Halloween was going to be good. So here our review:

Slappy is summoned (this time the curse like in the books and TV series bring him back to life) and he wants to be part of the family, only under the condition that everyone does exactly what he says. Sloppy, like in the books is very controlling and he does just that in Haunted Halloween. It's very intimidating to say the least, because Slappy goes from one person to the next (usually school bullies) getting even or causing trouble. All this happens in the first act, and it's off to a magnificent start. Story starts in just around 15 mins into the movie. After things don't go according to plan Slappy decides to summon his real family, the goosebumps characters! We'll let you work the rest out from there.

The effects are worse than the first movie, and the script wasn't as clever or genius like the first movie, and a lot of the jokes fell flat. The kid characters are also not as interesting as the ones from the first one. It really did have a lot to work on, but funny thing is despite all of that it's hugely entertaining! By the way, *SPOILER ALERT* Jack Black is in this playing R. L. Stine , but it's more of a cameo role. And the Stephen King reference should make you laugh! And one more spoiler, The Haunted Mask is in it, and gets loads of screen time! But, it's entertaining, fun to watch, and something you should definitely watch on Halloween. 4/5 stars. Jay and Nick.
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Go see it
ewarner13028 October 2018
The early reviews weren't too good so I almost didn't take my grandsons to see it. But it was delightful. Even had enough scares to make my grandsons and me jump. Perfect Halloween movie.
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Fiendishly good family fun!
lisa_gemmell20 October 2018
My kids and I were pleasantly surprised by the first Goosebumps movie, and although this sequel is quite slow to start, it's a whole lot of fun! My kids loved seeing the Halloween decorations coming to life (especially that balloon spider and cgi seemlessly blended with practical effects) and the cinema was full of kids laughing out loud at certain parts. Fans of Jack Black's R.L Stine character may be disappointed, but Slappy being the main protagonist more than makes up for the lack of Stine. The acting is fine for purpose, no Oscar worthy performances here, but the 3 main characters (Sarah, her brother and his friend) are likeable enough. So while Goosebumps 2 is not exactly making ground-breaking cinematic history, given some of the rubbish kids movies I've seen this year ('Monster Family' anyone?!) it's certainly one of the more entertaining ones. Kids aged 10 and under will love it, 8/10.
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Slappy carried the film.
MarkyLouiG6 November 2018
I actually enjoyed the 1st goosebumps movie, this on the other hand was somewhat of a let down. The 1st one actually took it's time and there was a story that was established. In the 2nd one however, it didn't have that. Everything felt rushed and it felt like they threw everything right away without any explanation. And while you're watching you'll immediately know what's going to happen with just one glance. The story is as cliche as they come and in turn makes it laughable. Jokes also didn't land for me, it was cheesy as they come. A couple of them did get me to chuckle but that was it. The saving grace of the film was "Slappy", the villain of the film. When ever that psychotic puppet on the screen things get interesting, and he just makes the scene better.

All in all I thought goosebumps was very by the numbers and very predictable with an insane amount of plot holes, but with a good villain.
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Fun sequel
moviegeek86-934-73084014 October 2018
The original Goosebumps movie took me by surprise when it came out in 2015. It had fun likable characters and a great villain in Slappy the evil dummy.

Fast forward 3 years and here's the sequel. 99% of the cast from the original is missing and the new characters aren't as interesting. They're serviceable but kind of forgettable. The story is also not as well paced as the original and is too fast for its own good coming in as a little too short. It needed about another 10 minutes or so in its last act.

But I can't hate it because it's still a lot of fun. Once again Slappy steals the show and there's some surprisingly creepy scenes involving him early on in the movie. The other Goosebumps monsters are fun too and the halloween setting puts a smile on my face. I also really dug the musical score by Dominic Lewis.

If you have kids I highly recommend taking them to this one. Although there might be a few scenes too scary for the younger ones it's the perfect horror movie for them to watch during the Halloween season.

Buy a ticket, some popcorn and a soda and have fun.
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A good family movie
bustos-8187915 October 2018
A solid film, well placed jokes, good scares for the kids, an ok story, CGI was on par for today's standards, would recommend this movie to friends and family
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Worst waste of my time and money
marc_hp20 October 2018
Was a fan of the series but this played like a really bad TV movie of the 80's . The acting was wooden , the writing lazy , plot predictable and cliche with only one chuckle for King fans . Don't worry about being too scary for pre schoolers as they will likely laugh at those parts . I'm a middle aged dad that likes to go to the movies with his teen age son oncec a week and only reason I didn't walk out is that I'm in a wheelchair . Any glowing reviews are written by trolls wanting you to waste your time and money or by the Studio staff .
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Not as good as the first, but fun
iamjacksmoviechannel13 October 2018
So last week after Venom I said that nobody at Sony would know what going dark was if it licked them in the ass with a giant symbiote tongue. This week, I take it back.

Goosebumps isn't going to wow you with what it has to say, nor does it have much to say in the first place, but this totally understands what it wants to be.

Like the books it's based off of, it's the scary movie starter kit for kids. You get your halloween fright monsters, you get some mild jump scares, you get inspired lunacy and funny references, some for kids, some clearly aimed at adults.

This movie is everything the first movie was and everything that House with the clock in the walls wanted to be.

If you're reviewing it, sure, you can come up with the problem that the plot is pretty much the same from the first movie but the first movie generally was just the creation of a playground to workout zaniness and frights anyway so as long as those work...

Here two kids find a book from R.L. Stine. It winds up bringing Stine's dummy Slappy back to life. Slappy in turn decides he wants to complete the story of one of Stine's earlier works and unleashes a bunch of monsters on the small town in order to do that.

The whole thing is a bunch of fun and nobody is having more of it than Jack Black. He voices Slappy with Crypt-keeper like precision, especially the laugh. He later shows up in person as Stine, full of hillarious mock arrogance.

Slappy is also sure to be the best character here, one who even at his most tame is really mischievous and at his most menacing is enough to make you fear for whoever he's around.

This is also another marvel for Sony Pictures animation. The visual effects, from the costumes in the halloween store that come to life to haunted pumpkins, to demonic gummy bears.

Every once in a while the mom from the Goldbergs or Ken Jeong will come in for some comedic support. The kid actors are fine too and there's a nice message about facing fears.

Really if I was 10 i'd think this was a great movie but even as an adult, I laughed at its absurdity while admiring how it balances being wacky, frightful, and also kid friendly.

If you like this, check out Craig James Review on Youtube for more
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Surprisingly good family Halloween fun
amesmonde20 October 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Two friends unknowingly bring Slappy the Dummy to life and the evil dummy goes about giving life to all Halloween creatures.

Based on the original promos, with a slashed production budget at first I was convinced this was to be a TV straight to DVD affair, how wrong I was. Director Ari Sandel delivers Impressive ghost and ghoul effects which are as impressive as the acting.

GooseBumps 2 may not have the scale or execution of the first but Sandel along with writers Rob Lieber and Darren Lemke offer just as much fun and it has just the same if not more PG eerie scares.

Whether it's was a marketing ploy or Jack Black wasn't going to return it was a pleasant surprise to see him return in the final film with an extended cameo. Also the real R. L. Stein also briefly appears.

The leads are likeable, Jeremy Ray Taylor as Sonny and Madison Iseman as Sarah Quinn carry the film well. Notable is Caleel Harris as Sam Carter, Sonny's best friend. Ken Jeong is humorous as the Halloween obsessed neighbor. However, Slappy is wonderfully realised and steals the show. Thankfully, with what look like for the most part as practical effects.

Overall, surprisingly good solid instalment, welcomingly setting up another outing.
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Not as Many Goosebumps In This installment, but Fun Nevertheless
rgkarim12 October 2018
The book series that got me hooked to reading many years ago has tried to keep its relevance as up-to-date as possible. With the first installment doing pretty well, it's no surprise that they made a second film and yours truly is ready to dive in and figure out what lies in the latest book of R.L. Stine. Can this family friendly horror keep things spooky enough to warrant a theater visit? Robbie K here with a review on the latest silver screen sensation:

Movie: Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018)

Director: Ari Sandel Writers: Rob Lieber (screenplay by), Rob Lieber (story by) Stars: Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jack Black, Madison Iseman


Family Friendly: The Goosebumps books have been a solid intro into the world of horror that brings kids into the fold of literature. This movie sticks to those guns and adds that kid friendly element to warrant a try for a family outing. Is it dark? Yes, but the studio managed to dilute the darkness to be manageable (for the most part) that kids should have a laugh at it. Case in point a three-year-old did very well in my viewing.

Good Pace: Short and to the point, this movie was a quick, fun adventure that did little to slow the antics down. From the get go, you'll be immersed into the adventure at hand, as what can be describes Stranger Things, meets a Disney vibe and is executed well. The fact that time seems to fly by is a good sign that this will be fun for most. Plus, 90 minutes is a good target goal in my opinion.

Creature Design: While certainly not as epic as Stine's descriptions in his book, the crew in the movie studio have done some decent research. The new creatures that inhabit the screen have got some flare to them, and while not the most realistic, at least have that same Stine vibe to them to still be easy for the little ones to handle.

The Use of Slappy: Slappy in the last film was not as utilized as I expected, reserved for a few jokes and that was it. The sequel though really brought him out in spades, using him to establish a bit ,ore of the horror element, while also grounding the story down. Slappy was much more himself in this installment, his malicious side mixed with his deceitful antics bringing back memories of the horror that was Slappy in his books. A solid antagonist to support the story, I enjoyed this character much more.

DISLIKES: Under Utilization of Characters: The kids get center stage and do well, but the older cast members not as involved as I was hoping. Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ken Jeong were reduced to a few short sequences, still bringing their tricks to trade, but not getting involved in the story like I had hoped. As for Jack Black, he's there, but not much more I can say . They really diluted "Stine's" part in this film and left me a little bummed with my Haunted Halloween treat.

Not as Much Nostalgia: Part of the fun of the last movie was all the references to the books and trying to find the cameos in their involvement. Sadly, this film short sheeted us in this factor. Yes, there are a few nods, but Haunted Halloween is trying to go a little more original than its predecessor. Nothing wrong with that, it's just I missed the find your childhood reference component from the first film.

More Creature involvement: Design might be good, but Haunted Halloween 2 didn't use their creatures to their full potential either. Many creatures get their kicks for a few seconds before being reduced to background images and occasional sound effect. Such a step down in this design, Haunted Halloween didn't have quite the spectacular impasses they wanted to bring in, and that left me feeling a little bored in terms of suspense.

Predictability/Trailer Spoilers: My friend Tim has shared wisdom of be careful what trailers you watch. These words are very applicable to this movie, as watch enough of the trailers and you have 80% of the movie. Haunted Halloween has little in terms of grand surprises, and by watching these trailers, you can skip this film in the theater.

The Story Component: It's not that the story was bad, but it was much less involved than the first installment. Very straightforward, very cliché, and very piecemeal that it feels like an unfinished manuscript. Slappy may have tied things together and made one heck of an antagonist, but their execution of his skill set was just missing something. Some of the antics, gimmicks, and threats were very lighthearted, and due to the kid atmosphere, I feel they threw some punches to not go too extreme to leave nightmares.

The Verdict:

Goosebumps 2 has some fun little quirks that will be very appropriate for the family atmosphere of the movie. With good creature design and pacing it shows some promise to being the horror movie for the young and young at heart. However, the originality factor took a little from the adventure I enjoyed in the first installment, primarily at how disjointed this movie felt in integrating all its characters and creatures. It's a step back in quality overall, and you can skip this one due to the trailers, but not the worst movie to come out overall.

My scores are:

Adventure/Comedy/Family: 7.0 Movie Overall: 5.5
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Decent spooky family film
jwwalrath-227-8548713 October 2018
The last film legitimately took me by surprise. It was more fun than expected. This one is more what I'd thought the first would be: Serviceable.

The entire thing is decent, but it is very standard. Jack Black's entertaining R.L. Stine is a bit part here and the interesting dynamic and obstacles of the kids from the first film is missing here. What ensues is a very by-the-numbers children's film. The actors playing the kids do a good job but they're given the most basic of characterizations and conflicts (complete with predictable school bullies). Wendi McLendon-Covey, Chris Parnell, and Ken Jeong all have fun supporting roles, but they're not big parts.

Monsters are fun. They are even a couple scenes with Slappy that are a little scarier than expected.

Kids should like this. At worst, parents will probably be indifferent. The movie is okay it just doesn't stand out.
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Don't go
oct-2134214 October 2018
The first Goosebumps movie was great. This one had nothing to do with goosebumps it was about Halloween coming to life. My 7 year old grandson was very disappointed. It seemed like they just threw a movie together to get something out. Don't waste your money. Jack Black was only in the movie for a few minutes.
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