The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018) Poster

Jayden Fowora-Knight: Phillip



  • Philip : [sees Clara looking at the bridge to the Fourth Realm]  Halt!

    [points his sword at her] 

    Philip : Who goes there?

    Clara : [startled]  It's just me!

    Philip : [misunderstands]  State your purpose, Justme.

    Clara : No, my name's Clara. And I must cross this bridge.

    Philip : Impossible. Nobody crosses the bridge to the Fourth Realm without a direct order from the regents.

    Clara : [confused]  Fourth Realm? Where am I?

    Philip : [puts away his sword]  You're in the Christmas Tree Forest. But THAT is the Fourth Realm, which is currently at war with the other three realms.

    Clara : [alarmed]  WAR?

    Philip : That is correct, Miss Clara Justme.

    Clara : [frustrated]  No, my name isn't 'Clara Justme'. It's Stahlbaum. Clara Stahlbaum.

    Philip : [surprised]  Stahlbaum? Are you a relation to Marie Stahlbaum?

    Clara : [nods]  She's my mother.

    Philip : [kneels]  Forgive me, Your Majesty! I didn't recognize you, Princess Clara.

    Clara : [surprised and amused]  Princess?

    Philip : [gets back up]  Captain Philip Hoffman. At your service, Your Majesty.

  • Shiver : [shows Clara Marie's old throne room]  This is your mother's throne, Your Grace.

    Sugar Plum : Have you come to save us, Clara?

    Clara : No.

    [the regents look disappointed] 

    Clara : I'm sorry. I didn't even now this place existed before today. You see, I was looking for a Christmas present from my godfather.

    Hawthorne : [delighted]  Oh, I love Christmas!

    [to Sugar Plum and Shiver; lost] 

    Hawthorne : What's Christmas?

    Clara : Then I ran into this homeless mouse.

    Shiver : [concerned]  Mouse?

    Clara : And that's when I met the captain.

    Philip : [enters the throne room]  We barely escaped Mother Ginger. And the Mouse King.

    Sugar Plum : [gasps]  You met Mother Ginger? Oh my dear Clara, you're lucky to be alive!

    Hawthorne : You must promise never to go back to the Land of Amusements, Clara.

    Sugar Plum : [frustrated]  Hawthorne!

    Shiver : [also frustrated]  Its title has been restricted.

    Hawthorne : Oh, of course. I meant the Fourth Realm.

    [to Sugar Plum and Shiver] 

    Hawthorne : Apologies. I'm just so upset.

    [to Clara] 

    Hawthorne : Forget I ever mentioned the Land of Amusements.

    [Sugar Plum and Shiver silence him] 

  • Shiver : [to Clara, as she's attempting to escape the tower]  My dear, that doesn't look very secure.

    Hawthorne : [worried]  You can't!

    [to Shiver] 

    Hawthorne : It's not gonna work.

    Clara : It's just the laws of physics.

    Philip : Do those laws ALWAYS work?

    Clara : Always.

    [under her breath] 

    Clara : As far as I know.

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