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Ryan M6 February 2017
Regardless of the other reviews, I found this TV show entertaining and just dark enough to make me want to watch more. I like the fantasy that the police are out there kicking ass and bending the rules against a group of people (gangstas) that don't play by the rules themselves. If you liked the movie and enjoy cop shows I think you'll like this one too. Time will tell. I believe there is plenty of room for more supporting actors and I like the theme of the younger officer. Great twist at the end. I like Bill Paxton's work in this episode and I hope he continues to develop his character more. Game over man. We're all gonna die!
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A great T.V. series with a great story line
presluc26 February 2017
With the passing a a great actor "Bill Paxton" what is this series going to do now?

I must say I was disappointed in not seeing any condolences or heart felt message from the series about the last show Bill Paxton worked on. Perhaps I looked in the wrong places. However Training Day is a good series I hope the producers, writers and others can salvage it. I would suggest a story line where Bill Paxton's character gets killed and is replaced by another fast paced actor. Although Bill Paxton's acting maybe copied it will never be duplicated That's some big shoes to fill.
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A Good Review for a Good Show
Gentleman_Caller12 March 2017
I'll start by saying this is not a perfect show, but then how many shows are today? I will say it caught my interest initially with the casting of Bill Paxton for it's lead. I didn't jump on the show when it first aired otherwise it would've been a bit more nerve-whacking to have to follow week-to-week. However, I'm glad I finally was able to marathon the first half season.

Keep in mind, crime shows are so not my thing. The last somewhat crime show I watched was "The Following", and that was similar for the casting of Kevin Bacon in that show's lead character. I will say that show was far better than the "Training Day" series, but then who doesn't like a serial killer in TV. However, like all shows had its flaws. I love "The Walking Dead", "Orphan Black", "Bates Motel", and "American Horror Story" for just some of my favorite shows. What do those shows have in common with "Training Day"? Nothing, except that they all have their flaws. Minor flaws in comparison to this show, but flaws.

I agree with some of the criticism with "Training Day", that the plot is usually a bit muddled or rushed. The chemistry with most of the cast just isn't there at times, maybe even half of the time. Other than the character of Frank Rourke, I'm really not too interested in the other characters. However, the show is still watchable because of Bill Paxton. His role and his acting ability just brings life to everything somehow, someway. I honestly don't think anybody else would have had that star power for this show's lead role. And I really don't understand anyone just flat out hating this show. True, the show could've been closer to a 8 to 9 star show. I would have liked to have seen the more gritty look of L.A. that the movie showed, and I could have seen a much more better story-line than what the show currently is running with. But the show is still fun. Most cliché one-liners are boring or are said without hitting the right note, but then there's Bill Paxton. The guy is talented on delivery alone. I would give the show 6 stars, but Bill Paxton earns my seventh star.

As for the show now with the passing of Bill Paxton. I don't think it has much of a chance if any to go on. It was his baby in a sense. He will be missed for a very long time like most are.

I seriously don't understand how this show is only rated 5.5 stars. When every individual episode has no rating less than 6.7 stars. Maybe the bad reviewers take the time to rate the show down, and write a bad review, but not rate every individual episode? You want to watch a bad show, go watch reality TV or a game show. Watch Teen Mom 3, or The Wall, because "Training Day" is a good show.
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Completely Different Dynamic From The Film...
MovieHoliks20 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I just started watching this new CBS series; seen like the first 3 eps or so -- of course, based on the 2001 film of the same name by Antoine Fuqua, who I had read at Wikipedia would be directing the pilot. For some reason, they brought in Brit director, Danny Cannon ("Judge Dredd" [1995], TV's "Gotham", etc..) to direct instead.

This show is set in the same universe as the movie, 15 years later in the aftermath of the city being left in shambles after most of Lorenzo Harris (Denzel Washington's character)'s cases have been over-turned, and the city is over-ridden with crime. When you try to do a TV series with the same dynamic as the movie in a case like this (assuming you've seen the film by now), it's nearly impossible, and they have indeed changed things up.

The main similarity is that rookie young cop is brought in -- instead of Ethan Hawke from the film, it's actor Justin Cornwell, who I see at Wikipedia hasn't really been in a whole lot yet (TV's "Empire" and a few other things). This character is brought in to observe a veteran cop (played by veteran actor, Bill Paxton) who is suspected of doing some off-the-radar things on the job. Paxton is really good in this role; one of the best I've seen him in, but again, he's no Lorenzo; it would be very difficult to do what they're trying to do with this show, and have the same setup as the movie.

In the movie, Lorenzo was a completely all-around un-redeemable, despicable character LOL. Here, he is not only redeemable, but he's likable, and to an extent, trustworthy! Well, putting the '01 film aside -- I am a fan of that movie; I give this show a thumbs-up so far. I like the chemistry between the 2 leads, and Paxton like I said is especially good.
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Poor is a description for this series that does not even come close to what i really think.
Rob Macleod4 February 2017
Hammy and full of awful one liners. I initially thought it was a comedy.

Although you are initially pushed into the deep end at the start of the 1st episode, somehow you just know what scene is coming up next and exactly how the characters are going to interact. Training day pretends to be gritting and hard hitting but its as authentic as the 80's series A team but without the slapstick humour.

Poorly written, poorly edited and I feel poor as I lost 30 minutes of my life watching it. OK, so the acting and direction was not bad however, if you are going to attempt to make a spin off of the cult classic then at least spent more than a day writing the series.
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Falls Short Of The Film
atlasmb21 February 2017
"Training Day" has a problem with tone. I liked the film, which has a gritty feel to it and an unrelenting drive to a dramatic climax. The television show, on the other hand, gives us the same two characters--the rookie and the grizzled veteran--but shifts from tone to tone. It seems to start as a serious, intense action film, then morphs into a semi-silly sequence where the veteran (Bill Paxton) takes out a house full of bad guys with a grin on his face and wise cracks at the ready(reminiscent of "Die Hard"), then a tragic occurrence, followed by a clichéd visit to a drug dealer (who has a pet baboon).

Clichés run rampant in the first episode which is further ruined by dialogue that leaves nothing to the imagination of the viewer, spelling out the conflicts, anxieties, and doubts of the two main characters.

Bill Paxton does a good job of playing the irreverent smart aleck, and a film like "Guardians of the Galaxy" would suit him well. Justin Cornwell, who is the cop in training, plays the earnest detective well. But the show lacks a consistent focus.
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I can't even imagine how this could be any worse
Leftbanker3 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This was horrible and unwatchable right out of the starting gate. They open with what is supposed to be a high octane action sequence. A guy is blowing holes in the front door and the two cops are hiding safely behind one quarter inch of dry wall. Then it gets really stupid.

It's full of a lot of tired actors that should be let out of Hollywood to find new careers so that some new actors can have a chance except perhaps the producers of this bomb are too stupid to discover their own talent. Gratuitous gun play and violence isn't the same thing as action. My only hope was that this was written by some thirds graders for a school project on cop movie clichés.

If you can make it to the end of this first, miserable episode you are a better man or woman than I.
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Deeper than you think
bigref19 February 2017
I have read some less than stellar reviews of this show but I watched the first three episodes nonetheless. The reviewers are correct in that the show does not pass up very many cop show clichés. LA setting, bad white guy black good guy, bad Russians, bad former military, nasty black woman in charge, smarmy lawyer, killer hot women, cop drives classic Detroit iron and on and on. You get the idea.

All that said, I will always give Jerry Bruckheimer produced shows a shot. He invented a genre with CSI and Top Gun remains little Tom Chruis' best movie. This one is beginning to grow on me.
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Excellent show, hope it is renewed.
pat-919763 April 2017
Loved this series, broke my heart that CBS did not honor Bill Paxton by airing the last episodes after his death. The story was a departure from the film made some years ago, but the acting was good, the action superb. Strongly feel many law & order or crime shows are based on real happenings in the world and as such, this show was very entertaining. Justin Cornwell did a good job with the role he played as well. Hope to see him in something very soon if this show is tossed out.

CBS is becoming known as a network that screws up a lot of scheduling on a regular basis. Getting tired of that aspect.
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Hm? So, the black becomes white and the white becomes bad?
McGigi16 April 2017
Far of being racist, but why the political correctness to the extreme? What should have happened if the bad guy from the movie (Denzel) continued to be bad in the series? Black guys aren't allowed to be bad anymore on TV and on the screen? They're only introspective, serious, well behaved, naive but honest, well- meaning, understanding guys? Really? There are some great actors there, besides Denzel Washington, who may be very uppset about the limitatons imposed by the networks. It is a well known fact that the bad guy is the most complex character, and almost always the most less-forgettable. It's sad that politics dictate. The show is bad. Not because what i've wrote above, but because IT IS bad. Sorry for Paxton - it is his last project. I'm very curious what will become of the show now.
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