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A Transformers Movie With Heart!
namashi_16 January 2019
The Transformers Movies, lets be honest aren't movies that offer soul. Despite making over billions with the Michael Bay films, Transformers are often noted to be mindless, soulless blockbusters. But with a new Director calling the shots and the focus being on just one of the Transforming Heroes, 'Bumblebee' is a pleasant surprise, that is indeed a Transformers Movie with Heart!

'Bumblebee' Synopsis: On the run in the year of 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken.

'Bumblebee' works because the film focuses more on emotion than on action. Sure, there is action here and there as it has to be, it's a Transformers movie after all, but what is served here, intelligently, is a story offering soul. The relationship of Bumblebee and Charlie, is the film's heart. I liked the way their relationship is built up and how the emotional connect works. It comes across as genuine, rather than manipulative. And that's where 'Bumblebee' scores, it's more about love and bond, rather than just mindless action.

Of course, there are flaws. The biggest one being that this is a familiar story and the beats are predictable. And the entire E.T. vibe is hard ignore. But again these are manageable flaws, in an otherwise charming film.

Christina Hodson's Screenplay is well-done. And it seems the Writer has been influenced hugely by the prolific John Hughes, since her story has flashes of the late/great genius's craft. Travis Knight's Direction is perfect. Cinematography, Editing, Art and Costume Design, are quite good. Graphics, as expected, are excellent.

Performance-Wise: Hailee Steinfeld shines as Charlie. She plays the protagonist and her performance is completely likable. John Cena, in a role with grey shades, clearly has a ball. Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is cute. Pamela Adlon is superb as Charlie's mother. Of the vocal performances, Dylan O'Brien as the voice of B-127 / Bumblebee, Peter Cullen as the voice of Optimus Prime, Angela Bassett as the voice of Shatter and Justin Theroux as the voice of Dropkick, are pretty solid.

On the whole, 'Bumblebee' is a charming film that brings back the Transformers franchise into the game.
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diazmanuel83620 December 2018
Finally they made an actually great transformers film,Michael bay didnt get the transformers franchise at all in fact he kept ruining it every time he did another movie,after the third one i lost all hope for a good transformers film and i stop watching them(i didn't even care about trailers or anything related)but when i heard bay was out and Travis Knight was in i started to get hope so i gave this a chance to see if they could improve without bay and not only i wasn't disappointed but i got in love with this franchise again,they understand the concept of a good transformers movie(no over the top action,no oversexualized teen girls,no explosions all over the place)just a good film with a simple plot and heart.10/10
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Take that, Michael Bay!
sorenmike13 December 2018
This was the movie we all so desperately needed from the franchise. Great action, great characters, great story. I'm glad they took a totally different road than the garbage Bay was filling his movies with that got old too fast. Go see it! It was really good
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Hopefully they will reboot the franchise with this movie as the first one and forget about previous disasters
Franciscorosell21 December 2018
First Transformers movie that is actually good.

Almost 10 years ago, I wrote an unfavourable review after the first movie by Michael Bay. I had been a real fanatic of the Transformers in my childhood and I did not feel the movie treated the story nor the characters (nor the fans!) with respect. The sequels were worse every time, and they even blamed poor stories due to the Hollywood writers association going on strike (I'm not kidding, they really blamed it on that). This movie (Thank God at last !!!!!) undoes the harm done by the previous movies. It brought me back some good memories from my childhood fantasies. For once, the robots actually look like the cartoons. This is a big thing. The robots from the previous movies were horrible, and did not look whatsoever to the original toys.

Producers for the next movies, please remember: The Transformers is a robot's story where human beings play a very secondary role in the same. It is not a story about humans in which robots are involved. Please don't ever cast goofy characters such as Agent Simmons (played by otherwise good actor John Turturro). It really kills the story. PLEASE READ THE COMICS AND WATCH THE ORIGINAL TRANSFORMERS CARTOONS before considering making more movies of these. If you don't get it, let other people produce them. Sure there are lots of them around.

This movie is good. Believe me and actually go and watch it. It will be the profits which will secure or not the guys involved in this project to remain for the next one.
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The best Transformers movie ever.
nikbak13 December 2018
Getting rid of Michael Bay was hell of a great move that benefits everyone and literally saved this franchise. The relationship between Charlie and Bumblebee is really a charm to watch. I used to be a Transformers hater but this movie got be back on track again, I simply loved it!
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Best Transformers Movie Yet!!
pgancarc13 December 2018
This by far is the best Transformers movie yet. It has great characters, a decent storyline, and the fight scenes between the Autobots and the Decelticons are fantastic. Even John Cena isn't bad in this movie. I highly recommend this to any who is a fan of the Transformers and also to someone who enjoyed those amazing 80s films that Steven Spielberg directed
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Are you kidding me? Who is rating this movie!?!
pcapistrano1 January 2019
I'm sorry but clearly these have to be biased reviews because that movie got all the hype and it felt like I was watching a straight to dvd movie. Bad acting, except Steinfeld, maybe 15 min of total action, lame and corny jokes. Maybe with the exception of maybe 20 min, the story line was so out of sync and no flow. I was excited to watch this and it left me in utter dissapointment. A movie probably great for preteens, but it was the corniest and worst "blockbuster" I have watched in 2018 that was hyped. Terrible. Best part of the movie was the first 10 min.
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Very Disappointing
elieatallah30 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I was a Transformers and Beast Wars fan from the 90's, I enjoyed the first two movies from Michael Bay, then the rest was horrible.

The first 5 minutes of Bumblebee were good, then its goes to sh**. 90% of the movie focuses on the teenager's life and lame complications and fears. We barely see some action from Bumblebee, he is mostly being all cuddly and acting like a puppy. Instead of focusing on the origins of the Transformers and Orion Pax, we are hear watching the girl being bullied for not taking the dive... then conveniently having to take the dive in the end of the movie to... I don't know how she helps bumblebee underwater.

That scene on the road where she aske her friend to take off his shirt to just wrap it around her head and scream out of the car...when she is clearly wearing a shirt over a t-shirt... stupid..

That Salute sign from Cena at the end..

I felt like i was watching a combination of Mighty Joe Young and Herbie Reloaded. Horrible..
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tblitzwing13 December 2018
You need to watch this in cinema. Acting, action and everything was GOLD! Ending was great. Soundwave has an actual G1 voice. PLOT WAS THE BEST IN THE SERIES. A complete fun and action packed film. COMEDY WAS GREAT. Watch the film. WATCH IT!! Transformers is now becoming something everyone will love.
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worthy_movies13 December 2018
Travis Knight has delivered us an amazing Bumblebee movie where we finally understand the story and see a true bond between a human and machine. Bumblebee is a entertaining movie with stunning CGI and the best transformers story we've gotten since the 1986. This movie is indeed a 10/10 and is up there as one of the best 2018 action movies.
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Honarary Breakfast Club Member
cyberperro23 December 2018
This movie has so much heart. Perfect mix of nostalgic 80s era songs, references and vibe; and a softer feel of a relationship between B and his new companion. If only the makers of Solo understood this is how you properly hook your audience into caring about the bond of machine and human, not that mess with L3 and Lando.
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A Cute Robot E.T./Herbie Story
daniel-8519727 December 2018
An entertaining film for fans and youngsters. When it comes to the editing and the story telling I feel it is lacking. There are many scenes where the viewer is left confused wondering or hanging. Some scenes are simply repetitive and I feel not cut smoothly to be cohesive. Bumblebee dies/gets killed and gets resurrected approx 10 times which gets old after a while. John Cena should just stop playing any serious roles. He is funny until he tries to be serious or bring emotions on the screen. Just does not suit him. Hailee delivers a solid performance and definitley is the perfect fit for the role. The Soundtrack is just awesome with the best of the 80ies. Not a "gotta watch it again" movie. The emotional component of the "missing father figure" and the "moving on" aspect is done nicely and gives the film some depth.
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Arguably the best Transformer movie!
marter200621 December 2018
That is what a Transformer movie is supposed to be! Optimus Prime looks how he's supposed to look, no flame nonsense. Also, the style, the look, the features of the Transformers are classic G1, which is awesome! Had classic, awesome 80s music, retro cassette tape players and what-not. I dont wanna give too much away, but if you love classic Transformers, see this move pronto!!
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#1 Bumblebee is a Blockbuster Hit
sistarod13 December 2018
Big Action,Big heart what could be more than seeing Bumblebee One of my Favorite Blockbuster of 2018 and Hailee Steinfeld she is great it was Insane 10/10 better than Avengers:infinity War
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intercosmic22 December 2018
The movie was amazing. Bumblebee's design was amazing. Hailee Steinfeld did an amazing job. She's an incredible actress. The humor landed most of the times. The CGI was flawless. John cena was ok.. I liked him more in the comedic parts. All in all. Amazing films. Will definitely get it on BLU-RAY and I can't wait for the sequel.
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Are you serious?
Sebtorres0316 December 2018
I'm seeing a ton of overhyped comments about how this movie is some kind of a Christmas gift to humanity and movie-lovers and I'm starting to think I'm in the Truman Show or something.

I watched the film "Green Book" just before watching Bumblebee (Like a couple of hours) and to be able to compare quality like that really puts perspective on how bad Bumblebee really is. (The Green Book is amazing). The script is terrible filled with obvious and cheesy lines and a comic relief that is anything but comic. The plot is extremely predictable and the writers and director didn't achieve to add any credible depth to the characters. Hailee Steinfeld does her best but everything else is poor.

The action scenes are below par for what one can expect of a huge blockbuster these days and the plot is filled with super improbable scenarios, even for an action movie.

I think I counted more than 20 people leaving the cinema during the movie, many of them after only 30 minutes. I have never left a movie mid-way before but this time it was really tempting, although I didn't, hoping for it to somehow win me back. It didn't.

Positives: Some 80's vibe and good music.

Negatives: Unnecessary side-plots, John Cena, Ridiculous attempts at jokes, everything else.
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Not mad, just disappointed
ahpalmer30 December 2018
Started well but got bored halfway through. Was glad when it ended. It'll probably be good if you go in expecting it to be just as bad as the last one.
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The best Transformer movie by far
alexjmcpherson21 December 2018
I loved the first movie in the franchise but this blew it away really. I loved the story and how it eventually tied in with the first movie. I especially loved the 80's nostalgia. I was an 80's baby and I finally got to see the original transformers and not the updated ones that I never really quite liked. The transformer cgi is brilliant and way better than previously done, the sound effects are far more original too. Absolutely loved it, oh and the soundtrack is great too. Super Xmas movie go watch it.
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The Best Transformers Movie Since The Original!
asifahsankhan21 December 2018
Bumblebee is the best film in the Transformers franchise since the live action original. It's not a bloated, juvenile, CGI barrage with a hackneyed script and terrible acting. In other words, Michael Bay is not the director. The sixth volume succeeds because the story and characters are well-written, have depth. Bay's dripping machismo is replaced by a more feminine sensibility. Screenwriter Christina Hodson and director Travis Knight breathe fresh air into a stale commodity. Bumblebee rekindles the spirit of the cartoon, while adding an unexpected dose of warmth and humor.

Set in 1987, Bumblebee opens with the fall of Cybertron. As the Autobots evacuate the planet, Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) dispatches B-127 (Dylan O'Brien) to Earth. He is to scout the planet as a possible secret base. The journey does not go smoothly. The Decepticons are one step behind him. His landing observed by a stunned military officer (John Cena).

Hailee Steinfeld stars as Charlie, a grease-monkey teenage loner with a tragic past. Her mother (Pamela Adlon) and goofball stepfather (Stephen Schneider) are constant annoyances. On the cusp of her eighteenth birthday, she's stuck in a minimum wage job, riding a clackety scooter to work. She spends her spare time at her uncle's junkyard, scavenging for parts to fix her beloved father's Corvette. Charlie discovers a beaten up, yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Her attempts to fix the car uncovers an amazing new friend. Charlie finds happiness in the gentle robot. But is completely unprepared for the bad-ass Decepticons, Shatter (Angela Bassett) and Dropkick (Justin Theroux), searching for him.

Bumblebee can be described as The Breakfast Club meets Transformers. The roaring eighties soundtrack and teenage girl angst is skillfully blended with the robot carnage. Christina Hodson's screenplay respects the characters. Charlie has a lot of personality. Her family and social life are thoroughly explored. Charlie finds Bumblebee at a low point. He's confused and frightened, needs help. They grow together, developing a strong bond in the process. It sounds sappy as hell, but actually works. The previous Transformers films lacked feeling. They were cold, purely visual spectacles. Hodson, who's also writing Birds of Prey and Batgirl, delivers a complex heroine. Hailee Steinfeld, Oscar nominated for True Grit, plays Charlie perfectly. Girl power is the fuel that drives Bumblebee.

Travis Knight's experience as an animation director is evident here. Knight previously made the brilliant Kubo and the Two Strings. He understands how to use visual effects to express intent and emotions. Bumblebee says very little in the film. His facial expressions and mannerisms convey meaning. He goes from tender, humorous moments, to knockdown brawls. Bumblebee's smaller stature in comparison to other Transformers is used to his advantage. He has a unique fighting style that beats down larger opponents. Except for the huge opening scene, Bumblebee's fights are mano a mano. I think these are far more effective than CGI onslaughts. Travis Knight brings a vastly different style to Transformers. It's a welcome change that will definitely be embraced by fans.

Bumblebee reinvigorates the Transformers franchise. Christina Hodson and Travis knight have broadened its appeal to a wider audience. Paramount Pictures and Hasbro have smartly taken a new approach. I hope they stick to this path for the next installment. There are additional scenes during the credits.
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Such a waste of time
DPaden7528 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was terrible. The pacing was slow, there was no story to fill in the time, just a bunch of driving around. The family scenes were forced and I felt no connection at all to any of the characters. The love interest was incredibly lame. John Cena's character was one of a typical dumb soldier, I much prefer all of the military characters from the first movie to him. At least they were funny. Not senseless shells of dumb.

Bumblebee was cute, like a kitten, not the badass Transformer he's been in the past movies. The action scenes were typical and boring. Honestly the best part of the movie was the first 10 minutes. After that it was not fun, funny or even interesting. I almost left the theater and I am a huge Transformers fan. On top of that this film makes no sense in the world of the previous Transformer movies. Optimus Prime and the others didn't come to Earth until the first Michael Bay movie and in that movie they had no form yet. There are so many plot holes which makes the story even less interesting. This is almost a direct copy of Sam's story. Losers life that sucks then he/she gets a cool car and their life changes forever. Blah blah snore.

I don't understand why everyone is saying this is the best Transformer movie ever. The first one was the best by far. People are looking for a Transformers movie that properly pays homage to the 80's Transformers we love, this movie is definitely not it. Don't waste your time or money.
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jmzmflowers26 December 2018
I am disappointed. Why are there so many good reviews? Dialogue was poor and plot wasn't developed. No jokes. No memorable score.
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Amazing Movie with less action and nice story
akshay_arora13 December 2018
Bumblebee is my best amongst all transformers. Loved this movie.
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Cliche, poor scripted, horrible dialogue and acting
christopherabird29 December 2018
I was so excited to see this film - especially based on the reviews. I think I must have seen an entirely different movie than the others. The lines delivered were forced. The plot was incredibly predictable - really lazy writing with weak story line. The acting was terrible - even John Cena's acting was terrible. The music was childish and forced as well. The visual effects were strong as you might expect. I think that the writers wanted the audience to care for bumblebee at the beginning of the movie but didn't establish the relationship well. Character development was weak.
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Set in the 80's, felt like an 80's movie. In a good way.
Phil_M_A_Kerr21 December 2018
It is a fun teen adventure movie. Just what the doctor ordered for this time of year. Not only was it set in the 80's but the tone of the movie was a throwback to films of the era. There were bits of E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial, The Goonies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Navigator, heck I'll even throw in Mannequin, The Karate Kid, in fact EVERY teen movie made in the 80's. It just had that vibe. The lead actress has definitely got the chops for this part and Bumblebee was great as well. I can't imagine the effort that went into building such a talented robot actor. A.I. has advanced so much these days. And it transformed into a car on several occasions as well! Very cool. ; ) All top notch blockbuster effects and camera work. John Cena was reigned in a bit but it was definitely a teen's show so I shouldn't have expected the type of gags he's done in previous films. The younger boys in the cinema were restless toward the end judging by the few laps they did of the central seating area. Reminded me of the 80's when being part of a cinema audience was a very dynamic thing. I thought it was fun but wondered if the bountiful action in the film got them riled up but they perhaps didn't feel vested in the main character enough to be glued to the screen. Can't say for sure of course. I digress. Hayley Steinfeld does her green screen acting with the enthusiasm of someone with a great imagination and this means so much to make a SFX film work. It is the enthusiasm that I remember from the original Star Wars trilogy from new actors Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Since those films far too many actors have been too cool for school to ham it up for the green screen, ball-on-a-stick, or dorky looking actor in a motion-capture suit. Well done. It's not a kids' franchise made into a movie for adults, thankfully. It's a movie about robots that turn into cars and/or jets, and panthers and/or ... giant ... cassette tapes ... . The point is that you're not meant to think about that stuff too much! The audience is there for the fun, the escapism, and a reflection on personal growth. These are some of the things that cinema is designed to provide. Mission accomplished here.
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Best movie in the transformers franchise
soapmactavishgaming13 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It got everything the movie need the actions, the performances, hell even the 1980 setting This can prove that Bumblebee can be a awesome movie.
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