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Never Trust Anyone Who Call Aquaman A Boring Movie
princeadofo8 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Finally, DC seems to be moving towards the right direction. I a big fan of superhero movies, not caring whether it Marvel or DC. The movie is very straightforward and you quickly get excited to know what's to come next after the first act. And oh please, the songs used are really good plus the visuals are really good. There are lots of surprisingly good underwater battle scenes and oh my that battle with Black Manta kills it. The main characters are very well explored. The ending could have been done better but it seems that would have made the movie's runtime longer. It's really worth the 2 hours of watching it as the pacing is really good.
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Better stuff than what MCU offered us for 9 years
nothimme28 December 2018
  • Cinematography
  • Visuals
  • Directing
  • Action scenes
  • Villians
  • Develepments
  • Atmosphere
  • Choreography

I didn't even think another human being could top Snyder's visuals in DCEU. Well, I wasn't wrong about that one. I still think his visuals are the best in DCEU but this movie had lots of moments too, those wide angle and tracking shots were a treat. The cinematography was really satisfying, so thank you to Don Burgess and James Wan for that. Underwater CGI scenes were breathtakingly beautiful to look at. Set-pieces makes you forget about the world you live in. Not on the same level as LOTR or Indiana Jones or Star Wars but It's close, and I think that's a pretty tough thing to accomplish. Dialogues were cringy now and then but, unfortunately, that's what makes a super-hero movie ''good'' nowadays, and this probably will continue for the next 10 years. Too bad the days where Nolan's TDK Trilogy gave you goosebumps with just words are gone. Now it's just you have to act weird and say something out of place to create a chemistry between the characters. I can't even believe how people buy these kinds of contrived relationships anymore. Anyways, let me say this, the movie isn't something like Thor (2011) It doesn't make you feel like you're on a movie set. It actually has high-quality different places that set the movie's atmosphere perfectly. If you guys worried about if the movie is just a copycat of MCU film, you can relax. The only similarity between this movie and MCU movies is 9 unfunny and awkward moment. The movie actually harbors multiple layers. Antagonists are actually valued, they're not just background actors or extra performers, they actually have moments to shine. This isn't something like Ant-Man. It doesn't have a stereotype, cliché, and generic film elements that created for the lowest common denominator. It actually has innovations for its genre. This isn't something like Black Panther, It doesn't have PS2 battle scenes. The CGI is actually well-crafted. This isn't something like Captain America: Civil War or most of the MCU films out there, it doesn't have a dim or bland color grading. The movie actually looks lively and vibrant. This isn't something like Guardians of the Galaxy, the characters don't act irrational or illogical, they actually have good reasons because they have developments. This isn't something like Ant-Man and The Wasp, It's not just a filler movie. It actually has a worth-seeing climax. This isn't something like Wonder Woman, It doesn't fail or fall flat in the third act. It actually fulfills its mission at every level. This isn't something like Avengers: Age of Ultron or any other MCU movie. The tone isn't out of place. The movie doesn't have a recurring and predictable theme. The camera isn't too shaky or it doesn't change in every second when an action scene comes up. The villains don't act out of character when they're in a situation. This isn't another Justice League, it isn't trying to be something else. It actually knows its place. But still, nothing can save this universe, not even something as good as The Dark Knight. But as a standalone, this is something worth seeing in the theaters.

PS. It's not better than what MCU offered us for 9 years
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Most Beautifully visualized!!! DC far
pradeeptewathia7 December 2018
Watched it!!! And have no words to describe the splendid performance of the cast and how beautifully wan visualised and presented this..This is the true jewel so far in DC universe👍🏻 Won't Add any Spoilers😋 this is something you should witness
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luofa8 December 2018
I want to cry now ......last year after watching Justice League, I was depressed. My friend didn't say anything but I know she think DC films sucks. So I went to see Aquaman alone yesterday, for the first time in my life,everyone was applauding after the movie (Maybe because everyone who go to watch Aquaman premiere is a DC fan but when I was waiting for a taxi I heard a boy talking to his girlfriend that "This Marvel movie is wonderful!!!" lol) James Wan is AMAZING,Aquaman is very imaginative and it's nothing like any other superhero movie I've seen before, he knows what we want, BEST DCEU FILM (Yes I think it's much better than SS/JL/BVS/MOS/WW) I can't believe that Aquaman's net production cost is160m, much lower than JL(300m) BVS(250m )MOS(225m) even SS costs175m!!! WB should give James Wan more budget to direct Aquaman 2!!!! P.S. James says he may direct a horror-style Batman movie,pls WB let him do it!!!!
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Is it just me?
shopping-277-11214817 December 2018
What's with the 10 out of 10 reviews? really?. Sure it's probably the best (or second best) DC Justice league era, but that's not difficult. Like all the other offerings, it's overblown, wooden, one dimensional and over reliant on over the top CGI. As a child I was always a DC fan and I want them more than anything to bring this thing together, but Marvel have certainly laid down a tough marker for how it should be and DC still haven't met that challenge. The main thing missing from the film is charm and simplicity, sure Momoa just about saves the day and I think he can develop Aquaman into a loved character, and the film is a step in the right direction. But 10 out of 10 it most certainly isn't.
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The enormous visuality of Atlantis!
ahmetkozan30 December 2018
We know that the DC cinematic universe that emerged as a result of the partnership between DC Comics and Warner Bros does not go well. Aquaman does not fall into this category. The film first appeared in China. Then the comments about the movie excited me. I was looking forward to it. It was a movie I really liked.

The story of the film is a complete story of origin. We see how a character emerged and how he was a hero. We see what Arthur Curry has been going through since his birth. I mean, you can follow the course of the story very easily and there is no scene you will be surprised. From time to time clichés and boring moments can be experienced. When you think it's a story of beginnings, the cliches don't bother you much. I think this is a must for superhero films.

While watching Aquaman, you feel a lot more of Wan's touch to the film. Aquaman literally makes you feel like a "movie". Because while watching the film, you can see the introduction, development and the result line in a very comfortable way. Everything is as it should be. The characters perform their duties more than enough. In the first 20 minutes, you already feel inside the film, and your attachment instinct confirms this. The origin of Aquaman is generally preserved. There are some minor changes to the film. At the same time, there are critical changes in the Black Manta and Orm. But if you are a comic book reader in general, Arthur Curry's story will give you pleasure. The film also touches on a beautiful subject; People pollute the oceans and nature. Jason Momoa had a successful performance. In particular, he has reflected the character change very well. Willem Dafoe is an actor that everyone will enjoy watching. Willem Dafoe had to have more scenes.

The film has technical errors, logic errors, clichés. But in spite of all this, the good aspects are much more. James Wan really created a separate world for the film. The underwater scenes were very good. The visuality is tremendous. Sea creatures, underwater conversations, used camera angles, location preferences, costume designs, fighting scenes, visual effects were very good. The music was just as good as the visuals. Even a separate film for Atlantis can be shot. 8/10
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Every superhero movie cliche you can imagine
AlexeyxDD16 December 2018
I have no idea why somebody would give this movie a good score, let alone 10. After 20 minutes I have decided that its for the best to switch my brain off and enjoy the show. But damn this movie is way too dumb. Character development is rushed and is given in a form of cringy and weak dialogues. Jokes feel like they are just out of place, but specific moments are created just for them to happen (which makes it even more ridiculous). There are some really stunning shots, but its more of an exception rather than the rule. But the main issue, which makes this movie unwatchable without at least 4 cans of beer, is the fact that its linear as hell, there are 0 unpredictable plot twists, from the beginning of the movie (or even from trailers) you for sure know how its going to end. Also the mood is unbelievably inconsistent, at some points characters are dead serious, while in 2 minutes they may be cracking jokes. Its not as bad as in Justice League, but black manta just looks pathetic with his constanty frowny or angry face. WB, u evil corporate idiots, stop ruining your movies by trying to be like Marvel and making movies based on a formula which clearly doesn't work. It just looks like a parody and not a well done one.
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Aquaman is the movie not only DCEU needed but also the kind of movie it deserves.
abhi-bc12 December 2018
I got the chance to watch this movie at special screening and I must say I was blown away. Never ever had I expected this movie to be this beautiful and visually stunnning. Amazing performance of all the star cast was 'Icing on the cake.' Jason Momoa, Nicole Kidman, Amber Heard, Wilem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson all gave justice to their roles. This movie is definitely going to give DCEU a lifeline and after Aquaman, I really want James Wan to direct more DCEU movies in future.
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one of the best popcorn movies of 2018
tso_jong7 December 2018
There are moments of awkwardness in the movie, but the stroy is engaging and full of intricate details. The visuals are stunning, too. James Wan definitely did an amazing job with the right cast. I can't think of a better actor to take the role of Aquaman than Jason Momoa. I will give it an A-.
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Aquaman: retro dreams come true, to innocence and imagination!
Zdiac9 December 2018
I really love this film. Everyone talks about the GCI in Aquaman,but what moves me most is its style ,so called "old fashioned fun" .Here I'll talk about this.(This review is translated from Chinese by google translater.And I'm the writer of it.)

First of all, the story of Aquaman is classic enough (that is, the old-fashioned set of some people), which is the journey of superhero treasure hunt. In an interview with James wan in"WorldScreen"magazine, James said that this is a very classic narrative technique. The growth of Arthur is like the growth of heroes in Spielberg, Cameron and Lucas movies. When Wan was a child, he watched the works of these masters grow up and always wanted to make such a movie, so this retro style is intentional. The facts also prove that the classic story will not be outdated. However, we can also understand from another angle that Wan did not try to try the dark and deep story style, but from the direction of being good at commercial blockbusters. In short, even if you don't have interest in the retro story, the level of the plot is definitely qualified in the super-Hero movie.

Second, it is the retro feel of the picture. On the one hand, many dazzling special effects brought us back to Avatar and the Lord of the Rings until the shock of the first Star Wars, and the imaginative and fascinating atmosphere of the underwater world is obviously a tribute to the classic fantasy sci-fi movies, like those of Star Wars. Just like classic fantasy operatic movie opens the window of imagination for us. On the other hand, James indicates that the film is expected to be like special effects movies in japan(like Ultraman and Godzilla in last century ). No wonder the friend who watched the movie with me shouted "The clothes looks cheap" when he first saw the soldiers of Atlantis. ..... I believe that it is not a problem to add more cool special effects to the soldiers, but James chose a very traditional approach , allowing the actors to fight in plastic armor and add to the film. A little bit of childlike beauty! Seeing this armor design is a little touched. We seem to be able to see james that realize the childhood special movie dreams,hiding behind the viewfinder and snickering.

And......To be honest,I'm little worried about Aquaman2,which is said to have been planned by Warner bros because the first episode is too successful,but I don't believe James will direct it again(just like SAW and Fast&Furious,he did once and did the BEST)And I'm also worried about Birds of Prey because the director is too young ...looking DCU(or DCEU) movies is funny ,we must stand some boring films ,but sometimes DC gives us BIG surprise😘
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Messy story, but not unredeemable.
Imme-van-Gorp13 January 2019
I really gave DC another chance after Wonder Woman, which I thought was a wonderful movie, but they have disappointed me again with Aquaman.


The story is extremely messy: there are a lot of things happening, but the movie never seems to focus on anything. Which is strange since they had more than enough time to do so: the movie's running time is rather long and should have been a lot shorter.

The action scenes were boring and seemed to be going on forever. Up until the last 10 minutes, Aquaman was just a guy who could punch REALLY hard and who occasionally used a trident to do nothing more than use it as a sword. It isn't until the last scene that he gains his extraodinary powers of being able to control the ocean and its inhabitants. Therefore, all the action before that moment was a snoozefest and also took forever. You just want them to go on with the story.

Granted, both Aquaman and his love interest, Mera, are very easy on the eye, which makes it (at least in my opinion) more entertaining to watch, but on that alone you can't build an entire movie.

The visuals of Atlantis weren't as beautiful as I expected them to be: I was kind of confused as to what it even really was. It just seemed like a big ruin (and a lava pit?) with a couple of high tech water ships floating above it. The sea did have some pretty lights in it though, but what the meaning of them was is still unclear to me..

They also tried to create a villain who had absolutely nothing to do with Atlantis, but merely had a personal vendetta with Aquaman. The story doesn't pay any attention to him until he comes in handy for some action scenes though. Why the audience should even consider him a threat is still completely lost on me, but maybe I'm missing something.

Overall, I did not enjoy this movie very much, but to be honest, I still have hope for the Aquaman character. Yes, this movie wasn't all that great, but they didn't ruin his story. Therefore, I think that if they would make a sequel, it could still be a good movie as long as they do things differently than they did in the first. I would consider to go see a sequel, so I guess the movie sort of did what it needed to do..

6/10. -Imme van Gorp
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I'm so annoyed with the people who reviewed this movie before I saw it!
trevorcarpenter-2821421 December 2018
I checked all these reviews before seeing the movie. "Most Beautifully visualized!!! DC movie... so far". "Better stuff than what MCU offered us for 9 years!". I was SOOO excited! I love all superhero movies, MCU and DCEU. I have been hoping for a good DCEU movie for so long, and have gone to each one hopeful. Wonder Woman was a step in the right direction in my opinion. I saw the reviews for this movie and was so excited to see it. And was subsequently let down, partially because I didn't read into the feud between the two franchises's fans.

Look, this movie should not be reviewed as highly as it is. It has GREAT visual effects and Jason Momoa is actually pretty good. However the rest of the acting and writing is so so so so subpar. I've been reading reviews all morning, about character development, how it is way less cheesy than MCU movies, just the right combination of funny and serious. Every scene feels forced like a formula: have at least one funny joke, one cool visual effect, and one heroic speech about the importance of what we are doing. So repetitive, the entire movie. How is that revolutionary, or better than any other films the DCEU has produced? I blame my disappointment in this movie based on the DC only fans who are just forcing good reviews on this movie based on their hatred of Marvel. Because while I definitely love DC, and I like Marvel sometimes too, I pay $15 at the theatre for a GOOD MOVIE not a BRAND.

I hope my review brings down some of the hype. It is still a pretty good film and OF COURSE I love Aquaman and think that every fan should see the film. But I could have waited until it is cheaper on DVD to watch, because it simply isn't worth it. Please don't let the annoying reviews that praise this film as some above holy savior of the franchise sway you, because it is not that jewel of the DC universe they claim it to be. And if any of those reviewers read this, please, when reviewing movies, leave your anger at the MCU at home so I can not waste money on a film that is by no means, saving the DC franchise. The last thing I wanted was to associate this film with disappointment.

tldr: this film really needed a poorer review because the amount of praise it is receiving is unrealistic, and causing people to get their hopes too high about a mediocre film.
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Aquaman is fantastic...
chiragchakraborty5 December 2018
Best movie in DC Extended Universe so far...great acting performances, great visual effects, great screenplay and a great a word: FANTASTIC....
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theunleashedgamr9 December 2018
I have never seen a movie where I've not had a few seconds of boredom watching it. However I love most movies I watch. NOT one second, was I bored in Aquaman! I've never seen a better movie in my life. It's everything I've ever wanted in a movie. Action. Adventure. Comedy. Incredible visuals. Great soundtrack. Emotion. I could go on and on. This is non spoiler so I'm not gonna say much. You NEED to watch this in cinemas the day it's out! This is my opinion on the movie and I hope you don't disagree with me over my opinion after you've watched the movie. The story was fantastic and sends a real message to people about polluting the water. Orm isn't really a bad guy which is great. You'll understand what I mean by he's not really a bad guy. Black Manta was great with a great reason for his hatred in Aquaman. WOW! I was absolutely blown away. Cried so many times, I ran out of liquid in my body. I will be going watching it again an extra 20 times, I don't care, I won't be bored. WATCH IT NOW.
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markfiorentino6 January 2019
Hello, Reader: "I am Commentatus, King of Filmus Commentia, heir of the Power of The Film Comment", and so on and so forth. That was the whole film dialogue in a nutshell. Every film needs context and character development. The context was explained meticulously in a boredom parade of dreadfully crafted dialogue, and Power-Rangers-styled fighting. God awful CGI - comparable to that of Green Lantern - and a child-like plot, will ensure the DC Universe stays in the Dark at the bottom of the Ocean.

  • Amber Heard is hot. Nicole Kidman is hot. We get it.

  • Fights sometimes are fun, and somewhat violent.

  • Heard and Kidman aren't pornstars, and this is a movie, not Brazzers.

  • Sadly, they - Heard and Kidman - are the "thing-to-watch" at the sheer absence of movie material. Actresses complain about the objectification of women in Hollywood, join the Me Too Movement, and then they end up showing their "attributes" on the silver-screen for a check. The irony.

  • Everything "dialogue" in this movie is made, so a mailbox can understand the very-simple-and-daft plot.

  • Dafoe is a rich actor in a poor role with poor dialogue.

  • Dolph Lundgren does - technically - a CAMEO, when he should be the main villain. They gave him a "Noble King" type of role. Horrifying.

  • All pirates are Black. Yeah, let that sink for a moment.
(Boom, Mark's Double Combo).

  • The main villain is laughable. I thought he was Will Arnett. Yes, seriously.

  • The fight scenes where so Power-Rangers-like that at one point I thought the Atlantian Soldiers would climb on top of each other to form a big Atlantian Soldier. Ha ha ha, it's a joke. (It's not.)

  • That scene at the bar with the "tough cookie guys" that ask for a selfie with Aquaman was daft, ridiculously unfunny, totally uncalled for and it didn't built any character cues. It seems it was written by a korean girl in her Senior year of high school.

  • This film is more than two hours. Use your time on something else.
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kavitapatidar6 December 2018
The Visuals, story line , moments in the movie , character's explainations is done in a perfect way! it's an outstanding movie loved it must watch!💓
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The King has Risen.
raudafitriani15 December 2018
Better than any DCEU film, and some of MCU movies I think. The DC has step up their game - this is another level. Never had I expected this movie will this be good, after the Justice League and Batman V Superman because those movies are trash - and let's forget about those. This is the most ambitious comic-book movie I've ever seen so far. Finally a movie that DC fanboy deserves, this film is just beautiful within the cinematography, visuals, also the action scenes. The action scenes kinda remind me of Romanticism painting, it is visually stunning and breathtakingly beautiful. I'm not a fan of James Wan movies but he did a marvelous job for Aquaman. The cast are outstanding, badass performances. I don't think any actors can take the role of Aquaman better than Jason Momoa. The atmosphere of this film looks magnificent vibrant and has high-quality than any DCEU film. Finally we can see the light after those dark days. It has clear motivations for both heroes and villains, pretty solid.

But, DCEU really need to fix their poor lines. The writing isn't the best - some dialogues are still cheesy & awkward. Nothing new for the plot, but it is simply enough - almost the same with any superhero film - save the world, family issues, etc. But it has a great message about polluting the water. Also the film scoring and soundtrack was a miss. And I don't see how and why Black Manta is the best villains, his story kinda flat and lacking for me. Black Manta has daddy issues seems not enough for me to think he is the best villain.

Afterall, this is highly recommended movie for superhero movie fans. Also you have to watch it in an IMAX 3D. Worth it.
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best Dc film
mahangoodarzimh7 December 2018
This film is just beautiful and cast are just amazing orm and black manta are the best villains DCU ever had until now of course CGI and fight scenes are spectacular and story is great just enjoy it .
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Aquaman is LEGENDARY
mikelibra-048537 December 2018
This movie is by far the best superhero movie of the year & honestly one of the greatest superhero movies of all time! You can feel the emotion of all the characters and the villains in this movie are so passionate that you really are rooting for them just as much as the hero himself. DC did a amazing job with this movie and showed that there's more great movies to come. Stay for ending too.
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The most overrated generic superhero film you'll ever see
borismk-389426 January 2019
I don't know where the hype for this film comes from, because it can't be from the content. The dialogue and characters in this movie are often ridiculous in the least entertaining way possible. Silly can be entertaining, but it can also just feel stupid. The female characters only seem to exist to be Aquaman's conscience (because he can't think for himself, as he's boring), they have no flaws or vices (in other words no depth). The villain is a cheap charicature of the warmonger, with a few poorly expressed environmental ideas thrown into his perspective. The good points of this film fall mostly on the visuals. It is a stunning film in terms of the undersea beauty portrayed, a literal riot of colour across the screen. I would also say that action is pretty positive, the combat is intense and epic. Overral though, I wouldn't reccomend
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cooney-659079 January 2019
This film made me write my first ever review on this website, the rating is clearly fake and conned me out of my money at the cinema.

Terrbible = script, acting, plot, charactor development, timing, music....

Good = CGI

The best thing I can take away from this film was when me and my girlfriend both turned to each other at the same time and burst into laughter at the scenes awful acting and cheesyness. This film is soo bad.

Save your time and money and go to your local aquarium it wont insult your intelligence like this garbage.
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Pretty darn bad
buzzellwilliam5 January 2019
My friend makes me go to every super hero movie. Most range from mediocre (Spider-Man movies) to great (Black Panther). This one just sucks. Plot that is too horrible to describe, incredibly cliched in every way, and the dialogue- oh, please! Jason Momoa is passable, and mostly if the other actors try their best not to smirk as they deliver their lines. The special effects are good despite being totally unbelievable. But it's a eminently forgettable movie that never needed to get made.
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A step in the right direction.
lucasohara178 December 2018
This movie is pretty entertaining. That, however, doesn't mean that it has a great script. The truth is, DC played safe on this one, and it pays off, mostly.

I was never bored throughout this movie, but that is not because of the clever dialogue, or the the amazing score. No, it's because everything in it is incredibly over-the-top. No kidding, be it the heroes or the villains, the action scenes or the romantic ones, every single thing in this movie is kind of exaggerated. Sometimes it worked for me, but sometimes it didn't. With that in mind, let's get to my pros and cons.

First, what i liked the most: the direction, specially during the action scenes. James Wan managed to differentiate himself from that Snyder style of action pretty well (there's still one or two "Snyder slowmo" kind of shots, but that's it). The fight sequences were well choreographed and shot, with wide angles for most of the time. It was very pleasant to see. Now, I usually don't like when movies start looking like videogames, but it didn't really bother me here. During the gigantic CGI battlescenes you've seen in the trailers, the amount of elements on-screen can be overwhelming, but for the most part, they are well enough shot that you can differentiate what's going on, and so they eventually become quite satisfying. The interaction between the two lead characters is too very entertaining, but then again, because Aquaman is just really extravagant most of the time, so it becomes this quirky, awkward chemestry. But that leads me into the cons.

Yeah, remember when i said everything was exaggerated in here? Well, sometimes that leads to some really weird and unfitting, or just unintentionally funny scenes. For example (and I don't wanna spoil here), the movie will have this really awkward romantic song playing throughout this "lovey dovey" scene, but that just took me out of the film because it's so over-the-top and doesn't fit at all with the previously established tone of the film. It was weird. Not only that, but this certain character will constantly scream during battle scenes like he's a football commentator announcing a goal, like he's really badass when in reality it just comes off as "just too much". I won't lie, I started laughing after a while because he repeats it quite a few times during the movie. Most of these are nitpicks, but because this movie blows everything out of proportion, these small problems end up REALLY standing out. Some bigger complaints are: characters having really flimsy convictions and changing them in the matter of seconds for weak motivations. The movie is also filled with cliches, but that's mostly because Aquaman follows the standard superhero movie formula. On top of that, i found some inconsistencies regarding character's abilities (like, it is established that inhabitants of Atlantis cannot breath outside of the water, but during certain moments they do it just fine). The CGI is very inconsistent, from this gorgeous color filled underwater kingdom, to some pretty terrible green screen effects. The dialogue, is mostly not very well written. Some characters don't suffer from it, including Aquaman, because it ends up fitting their personality, but some characters end up sounding really artificial. The acting is fine. Willem Dafoe is Willem Dafoe, Jason Momoa is Jason Momoa. Temuera Morrison, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman and Dolph Lundgren all did fine with their respective characters. I think the worst ones are the villains, played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen and specially Patrick Wilson (who's character is the embodiment of "over-the-top"). Too bad, I don't consider him a bad actor, but goddamn was he subpar in this one. I don't have major complaints wit the editing. It's pretty good, except once or twice where there's just too much going on on-screen and I couldn't follow it, but those were rare moments. However, the sound design has some odd choices. There's this scene where a certain character is handling a knife, and every time he gently touched it, the knife went "KATCHING" with that standard blade sound , but just extremely loudly and exaggerated. I just thought to myself "what?".

Despite the fact that i nitpicked a lot, i think this movie works more than it doesn't. Yes, it's as a standard superhero movie as you can get, but it's a good one. Even with all of the odd choices and apparent problems, it's not a bad movie. The direction is quite good, some shots are fantastic and the fight sequences were very satisfying. It's pure, blown out of proportion, massive CGI fest fun, and I think that's enough for me. For an Aquaman movie, it does everything it should.
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Why is this so highly praised?
alexpapaniko-472-35899813 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
So i just came back from watching this. And for once I wanted to see a DC movie and feel like it was worth my time. Here are my thoughts:

-OK visuals..

-The undersea world looked like it had some potential. It would be interesting to see more about daily Atlantian lifes or how the other, seemingly very different kingdoms, function. Sadly James Wan did not want to elaborate on that.

that pretty much sums up all the good points of this movie. Now to the bad ones:

-no character development or any attempt to make the hero resonate with the audience which is very weird, aquaman being an origin movie

-very poor acting (especially Momoa.. My god.. ) and unexisting chemistry between actors which is almost funny at some points. Regarding the acting Aquaman is supposed to go from super-confident in the beginning to somewhat scared/sceptical by the middle of the movie by what's at stake. Movie tells you that's what's happening at least. Momoa never portrayed that in any way. Same dude throughout the movie saying his lines.

-Music selection. Aquaman is portrayed intentionally or unintenionally being somewhat goofy/witty/smartass. And the music background playing in every one of his scenes sounds like you are watching The Dark Knight. Only darker.. But goofy.. Makes sense.. No..? Ok moving on..

-Jokes were between cringy and plain bad. Some one-liners especially from Momoa made me shiver in discomfort. To me it felt like James Wan saw Thor: Ragnarok and tried the same approach but much much more poorly executed

-no real story development (or even story). Felt like a videogame where your hero goes from place A to place B fights some dude that noone cares about (Im looking at you Manta), gains his XP and then onto the next scene. Seriously if Manta was not part of the movie it would have made literally no difference. Pretty much like the Joker in Suicide Squad. DC was criticized about it then but here we go again....

-Again regarding the story. There is literally nothing original here that you haven't already seen in every other pop-corn movie before. If this is not your first movie then you can easily predict the lines, the story, the 'plot twists'... Pretty much everything..

-And since we are at the story.. Why was that submarine bombarding Atlantis? As far as we are told noone even believed in Atlantis aside from some people who were considered 'weird' or 'conspiracy theorists' by the general public. So could the government know about Atlantis all along? And its plan was to send a lone submarine some thousand meters undersea for what purpose? Or was it an inside job? Shouldnt we be told or hinted at least? I mean that incident, again from what we are told, initiated the war underseas that would lead to the invasion of the Atlantians against the people of the surface. Either I was half asleep when they explained/implied this or the movie was laughably lazy with this

I could go on but I mostly wanted to share my rough feelings on this especially after seeing how highly this movie is praised at this point. If this was released in the early 00s where the superhero genre was still discovering itself then it would have been fine. But at this point its definitely not.

Honestly if you care only for the visuals go watch it. If you expect anything more do not waste your time.

Personally I think I am officially done with the DCU
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Dimple6731 December 2018
Hard to watch!! Poorly acted and charmless!!! Laughable at times and as boring as listening to a conch shell for an overly bloated 2 hours plus. This was a grind when it should have been a breeze. Not in for anymore of expensive tripe like this that keeps getting peddled like art! It's. It even decent entertainment!
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