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Willem Dafoe: Vulko



  • Young Arthur (13) : I already know how to swim.

    Nuidis Vulko : Not even close. You have to forget all the teaching of the surface world, go deeper to discover your Atlantean instincts.

  • Mera : [about Orm]  Once he is named Ocean Master, he will be unstoppable.

    Arthur Curry : I don't know these people. How can I make them accept me?

    Nuidis Vulko : By winning the hears and minds of the people, by proving that you're worthy. And by retrieving this.

    [takes out a map showing a trident] 

    Arthur Curry : I already got one of those.

    Nuidis Vulko : Not like this one, you don't.

  • [underwater training] 

    Nuidis Vulko : The ocean is not just our home, it is who we are.

    Young Arthur (Nine Years Old) : You can talk underwater!... Wait, I can talk underwater too! This is awesome!

    Nuidis Vulko : We can do so much more than talk. Being Atlantean is more than just being able to breathe under water, your body is equipped to survive in the extreme cold and pressure, and your eyes adjust to see in the darkness.

  • Orm : Vulko, my trusted vizier, you have stood by the throne since my father sat upon it. Have you any advice for me, as this war begins?

    Nuidis Vulko : I have already given it, my king. But I will stand by your decision, as always.

    Orm : My decision. To protect it... while you betray it? You think I do not know of your treachery, that you were ever loyal to my mother's bastard son, that you have spent years training him to take the throne from me. Do not deny it!

    [guards surround Vulko] 

    Nuidis Vulko : I do not.

    Orm : Why? I am pure of blood! I have dedicated my entire life to Atlantis! He wanted nothing to do with it! You swore to serve the throne!

    Nuidis Vulko : I do serve it! Arthur may only be half-Atlantean, but he's already twice the king you'll ever be!

    Orm : [to guards]  Take him. But make sure he gets a view.

  • [Arthur appears at the Brine, riding the Karathen] 

    Nuidis Vulko : The king is risen.

  • [Orm is arrested] 

    Nuidis Vulko : [to guards]  Take him. But make sure he gets a view.

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