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Poll: Who would be your Best friend in Space?

Each of these characters has special skills, such as wisdom, strength or speed. Which ability would you consider most important in outer space?

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    Major Samantha Carter

    She is much more smarter than you, so if there is a scientific challenge, you can count on her. She has some firepower too
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    He is AI of the Lunar Space Station. He have quite big computing capacity and data bank. He never harm humans, and He always there if you have some questions.
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    He is a humanoid android. He has no fear and always stays calm.
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    He is a Wookie but you can always count on him when things go bad. He can drive or fix spaceships, and is a true warrior.
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    River Tam

    She has superhuman skills and is a martial arts fighter
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    She is the perfect being. She is beautiful and a very powerful fighter.
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    He definitely has the high intellect and logical thinking. He can drive space-crafts, and fight with aliens. He is always loyal and he can sacrifice himself for his friend.
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    He is an alien, some kind of nature creature. He is nearly indestructible, very friendly with good people, and has some pretty amusing fighting skills
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    Ford Prefect

    He is a good friend and does not PANIC
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    She is a Robot. She can search habitable planets for humans.
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    Matt Kowalski

    In the cold quiet space you can hear his voice. He can give you hope in your darkest hour
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    Mazer Rackham

    A true human hero. His advise can save your life in space
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    Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace

    She is some kind of guardian angel. She is a very good space fighter pilot and her destiny is to save the humanity
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    he is an alien ambassador. He is very intelligent and very loyal to his species. But if you earn his respect and friendship, he will never let you down.
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    He is a robot with very sophisticated AI, but he has some human feelings too. He also doesn't age.
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    He is a very unique robot. He have a sense of humour and do things that humans cannot do.
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    He is a little droid hero. He can hack security systems.
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    He is the gatekeeper of the Asgard world, a mythical hero. He sees almost everything in the space.
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    It is an artificial intelligence. HAL can control the systems of a spacecraft and interacts with the ship's crew.