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Kevin Costner, Diane Lane to Reunite in Suspense Thriller ‘Let Him Go’

Kevin Costner, Diane Lane to Reunite in Suspense Thriller ‘Let Him Go’
Focus Features has tapped Kevin Costner and Diane Lane to star as a husband and wife in the suspense thriller “Let Him Go.” The two also collaborated on “Man of Steel” and “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” as the parents of Superman.

Thomas Bezucha (“The Family Stone”) is set to direct his own screenplay, based on Larry Watson’s novel of the same name. Paula Mazur and Mitchell Kaplan of the Mazur Kaplan Company will produce alongside Bezucha. Costner will executive produce with Kimi Armstrong Stein, Jeffrey Lampert, and Rod Lake.

Production of “Let Him Go” is expected to start in the spring.

Focus Features and Universal Pictures International will distribute the film worldwide. Josh McLaughlin, Focus Features president of production, will oversee the movie.

Costner will play a retired sheriff and Lane will portray his wife. After the loss of their son, the couple leaves their Montana ranch
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Daniel Craig reportedly set to star in Todd Field's 'The Creed of Violence'

  • JoBlo
Daniel Craig reportedly set to star in Todd Field's 'The Creed of Violence'
Daniel Craig has been James Bond for well over a decade, but the actor is already making plans for his future without the secret agent. According to Collider, Craig's first post-Bond film will be The Creed Of Violence, an adaptation of Boston Teran's novel of the same name which will be helmed by Todd Field (In The Bedroom). The project has been in development for
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Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Biopic About WWE Legend's Early Days

Chris Hemsworth to Play Hulk Hogan in Biopic About WWE Legend's Early Days
Thor himself will be getting all tanned up to play WWE legend Hulk Hogan in a new movie.

Chris Hemsworth is set to play the wrestler in a project from The Hangover director Todd Phillips, according The Hollywood Reporter.

The actor, 35, will portray Hogan, 65, during the time his wrestling career was on the rise. According to the outlet, the biopic won’t focus on Hogan’s eventual personal struggles but will be “an origin story of the Hulkster and Hulkamania.”

Hogan’s career, which began in the 70s, hit its peak during the 80s where he was often on magazine covers and appeared on talk-shows.
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Kate del Castillo Cast In ‘Bad Boys for Life’ At Sony

  • Deadline
Kate del Castillo Cast In ‘Bad Boys for Life’ At Sony
Exclusive: Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo, who stars in the Netflix political drama Ingobernable and La Reina del Sur on Telemundo, has been added to the cast of Sony’s Bad Boys for Life sequel starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Smith and Lawrence are returning Detectives Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett who, along with Miami Pd’s elite Ammo team, attempt to take down Armando Armas, head of a drug cartel.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah are directing the pic from a script by Joe Carnahan, Peter Craig, and Chris Bremmer.

Previoulsy announced cast includes Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, Charles Melton, Jacob Scipio, Paola Nuñez, Latin music superstar Nicky Jam, and DJ Khaled.

The pic, which is currently filming, is being produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, Doug Belgrad, and Smith. Barry Waldman, Mike Stenson, Chad Oman, and James Lassiter are executive producers. Bad Boys for Life is slated to
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Curzon CEO responds to Vue/Bafta row, calls for end to "strict limitations" of theatrical windows

Curzon CEO responds to Vue/Bafta row, calls for end to
Philip Knatchbull says his company has “encouraged all rights holders, including Netflix, to see the value of the theatrical experience”.

Philip Knatchbull, the CEO of UK cinema chain and distributor Curzon, has responded to the letter sent by Vue boss Tim Richards to Bafta earlier this week in which he criticised the organisation for allowing Netflix’s Roma to be eligible for its awards despite limited theatrical play.

In the days since, voices have emerged on both sides of the debate. Some have backed Richards’ stance, saying he is also standing up for independent cinemas which feel aggrieved that they
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Captain Marvel: why sexist attempts at sabotage will fail

Brie Larson is the brand new public enemy number one but the movie is still on track for a Us bow of more than $100m

For sexist keyboard warriors everywhere the mere sight of Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson must be enough to make them break out in hives. Here is a successful (Oscar-winning) woman playing the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe, according to studio chief Kevin Feige. In fact, her alter ego, Carol Danvers, might just be tough enough to take down Thanos himself in the forthcoming Avengers: Endgame.

This, to the average “men’s rights” advocate, is a concept of irredeemable outlandishness. For Danvers is a slender, sylph-like female in a natty 80s-inspired suit, while Thanos is a great, hulking, purple, musclebound male. Never mind that both are completely fictional with superpowers, the problem here is that Girls Will Never Be Stronger Than Boys. Ok?

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The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind review – bright spark saves the day

Chiwetel Ejiofor directs and stars in the inspiring real-life story of a teenager who brings electricity to his village in Malawi

Chiwetel Ejiofor has made his debut as writer-director, and the result is exhilarating and rather inspiring – a story of success against the odds, of ingenuity and resourcefulness, of a father and son painfully coming to terms with each other. Ejiofor brings a real sensitivity and empathy to this material, as well as some bold, fluent storytelling.

He has adapted a 2013 memoir by the Malawi engineer William Kamkwamba, which told the remarkable story of how as a teenager he provided electricity for his village by designing and building a wind turbine, hooked up to a simple bike-type dynamo. Ejiofor has exercised a little creative licence here and upped the narrative stakes, by making this turbine vital for pumping otherwise inaccessible well water for the drought-stricken village’s crops, and in
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Amma Asante to receive Nfts fellowship

Amma Asante to receive Nfts fellowship
A United Kingdom and Belle filmmaker to receive honorary award.

British Ghanaian filmmaker Amma Asante, whose credits include Belle and A United Kingdom, is receiving an honorary fellowship from the UK’s National Film and Television School (Nfts).

Asante will collect the prize from Nfts chairman Patrick McKenna at the school’s annual graduation ceremony on Thursday Feb 28. It recognises individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the industry.

After working as an actress, Asante’s break came when she wrote and produced two series of BBC2 drama Brothers And Sisters, which starred David Oyelowo. Her feature debut, A Way Of Life,
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Billie Holiday Documentary Draws Buyers as Concord Boards Project

Billie Holiday Documentary Draws Buyers as Concord Boards Project
Concord, the successor to the Billie Holiday Estate, has boarded James Erskine’s documentary “Billie,” which tracks the iconic jazz singer’s life. Altitude Film Sales has sold the project to several territories.

Also joining the project, now in post-production, is the Brazilian colorization artist Marina Amaral. Most of the filmed and still images that exist of Holiday are in black and white.

The film has been acquired in a number of international territories: Australia and New Zealand (The Backlot), Benelux (Belga), France (Ab Groupe), Italy (Wanted), Switzerland (Praesens), and Yugoslavia (Discovery). Altitude Film Distribution will release the film in the U.K.

The doc tells Holiday’s story through the eyes of journalist Linda Lipnack Kuehl, whose obsession with the singer would lead to her own mysterious, untimely death. Anchored around never-before-heard interviews, “Billie” will play out like a film noir, according to Altitude Film Sales.

In 1971, Lipnack Kuehl
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Why Bohemian Rhapsody should win the best picture Oscar

It was panned by the critics but the Freddie Mercury biopic has proven a hit with cinemagoers. Did critics get it wrong?

The Favourite, Black Panther, Roma and more: read the rest of our best picture Oscar hustings

It took me a while to get round to watching Bohemian Rhapsody. After all, I’d read the reviews. Our own Steve Rose said that the story “skirts dangerously close to Spinal Tap territory” – only without the laughs. Ao Scott in the New York Times wrote that “the film seems engineered to be as unmemorable as possible, with the exception of the prosthetic teeth worn by Rami Malek.” And there was the film’s moralising stance on Freddie Mercury’s sexuality. As Alexis Petridis put it: “It seems to view the fact that he was gay as little short of a tragedy.”

Then the film was unleashed on an unsuspecting public – and became a smash hit.
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Film Review: ‘My Extraordinary Summer With Tess’

Film Review: ‘My Extraordinary Summer With Tess’
Winner of a special mention from the Berlinale Generation KPlus’ adult jury, the family-friendly, light drama “My Extraordinary Summer With Tess” is straightforward youth cinema with surprising emotional depth. Based on a prize-winning novel by Anna Woltz, a beloved Dutch writer of work for young readers, it explores family relationships and emphasizes the importance of human connection. Fronted by two charismatic tween performers, the title marks the feature debut of Dutch helmer Steven Wouterlood, who already holds an international Emmy Kids Award. The New York Intl. Children’s Film Festival will host the film’s international premiere at the end of February.

The story unfolds from the perspective of sensitive 10-year-old Sam whose voiceover musings not only provide the narrative’s momentum and glue but also articulate the film’s ultimate lessons. Sam, his parents and older brother Jorre (Julian Ras) are on a week’s vacation on a Dutch island,
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Go with the flow: the mesmerising moves of Russell Maliphant

With a dance version of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, a collaboration with Greek composer Vangelis and his touring show Silent Lines, the questing choreographer is busier than ever

I’m lost on an industrial estate in Acton, west London, looking for Russell Maliphant. There’s an anonymous door, behind it a dusty workshop, then another door. I push through to find a dark, cocoon-like studio with the hushed atmosphere of intense creation. The bodies of five dancers are blurred by ripples of light projected over them. Maliphant sits in front, monk-like in his focus.

The seamless spirals of the movement are instantly recognisable as the serious, soft-spoken choreographer’s work. His mesmerising pieces, including Push and AfterLight, have won many prizes – Maliphant picked up the best independent company trophy at this month’s National Dance awards – but his presence in the dance world is not as loud as some
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Hollywood Diversity Gains in TV but Falls Short in Movies

Minorities and women have registered gains in several key areas of television but women continue to lag in movies, according to a report issued Thursday by the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA.

“My basic take is that TV is improving more for minorities and women than film,” said Dr. Darnell Hunt, who heads the center. “And all areas still have a long way to go.”

The report, titled “Old Story, New Beginning,” is the sixth in six years from the center. The report points out that the nation consisted of nearly 40% minorities in 2017– the last year examined — and states the percentage will only increase in the coming years. The report is based on the top 200 theatrical film releases in 2017 and 1,316 broadcast, cable and digital platform television shows from the 2016-17 season.

“The gains in television during the past six years are due to the explosion in original programming,
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Film Review: ‘Ghost Fleet’

The revelatory documentary “Ghost Fleet” condemns the modern-day slave labor fueling the Thai fishing industry while focusing on the work of Bangkok-based advocacy organization Labor Rights Promotion Network Foundation (Lpn), a group dedicated to ending slavery at sea. Combining chilling testimony from formerly enslaved men, some wincingly arty recreations of their ordeals, and on-the-ground footage of rescue missions run by Lpn, the final product, while impressive, sparks more questions than it answers. Producer/co-director Shannon Service was part of a reporting duo that broke the story of slavery on Thai fishing boats on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” in 2012. Cinematographer/co-director Jeffrey Waldron contributes striking visuals for the testimony and recreations that sit uneasily alongside the unadorned documentary footage of the Lpn team at work.

Thailand’s seafood industry is one of the largest in the world, but decades of illegal and unregulated fishing has forced boats to travel
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Alec Baldwin fears for family's safety after Trump 'retribution' threats

In Dworkin Report podcast, SNL sketch actor wonders what ‘retribution’ will look like, and jokes about jail for Trump Jr

Alec Baldwin has spoken of his fear that Donald Trump is stirring up some supporters to exact “retribution” against him for his satirical performance of the president on Saturday Night Live, saying the president “signals people” to become angry and bitter “and then the actions flow from there”.

The actor also offered a joking reply to Donald Trump Jnr who tweeted that Baldwin’s claims he was afraid for his safety were “bullshit”, saying the president’s son would have “a lot of time to watch SNL” in prison.
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Netflix acquires Chinese sci-fi hit 'The Wandering Earth'

Sci-fi drama recently became the second highest grossing film of all time in China.

Netflix has picked up Chinese blockbuster The Wandering Earth, which recently became the second highest grossing film of all time in China.

The sci-fi action drama, which was released over the Chinese New Year holidays, will be made available by the streaming giant in 190 countries, excluding China where it is not allowed to operate.

According to ticketing platform Maoyan, the film’s mainland China box office currently stands at $606m (RMB4.08bn), making it the country’s second biggest film ever, behind Wolf Warrior 2. It
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Cold Pursuit review – Liam Neeson revenge thriller leaves a bad taste

The actor’s real-life revelation intensifies the discomfort of this violent drama about a snowplough driver hunting his son’s murderer

Even without Liam Neeson’s bizarre promotional “rape revenge” anecdote, this violent movie would leave a weird taste in the mouth, lumbered as it is with odd sub-Coen, sub-Tarantino stylings.

As all the world knows, Neeson caused universal embarrassment in the run-up to the film’s release by regaling an interviewer with a bizarre recovered memory, perhaps most tactfully described as unverifiable. Decades ago he allegedly stalked the streets looking for a black man to beat up, because a black man had raped his friend – before nobly thinking better of it. Neeson evidently expected to be congratulated on his righteous machismo, then on his maturity in turning away from violence, and finally on his alleged honesty about racism, having belatedly grasped that point in the ensuing row.

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‘Documentary Now!’: Behind the Scenes of How Owen Wilson Became a Cult Leader

  • Indiewire
‘Documentary Now!’: Behind the Scenes of How Owen Wilson Became a Cult Leader
It was hot and cramped inside the small two-story building where the cast and crew shot “Documentary Now” last June. Despite the Oregon humidity, there was a lightness on the set where they were midway through shooting fictional cult documentary “Batshit Valley.” And despite the presence of Oscar nominees Owen Wilson and Michael Keaton, it felt more like an ultra-low-budget indie.

“Batshit Valley” serves as the two-part season premiere for IFC’s fiercely authentic parody of iconic non-fiction narratives, and also is the beginning for a show that must reinvent itself. Co-creator and star Bill Hader was unavailable as an actor in Season 3 due to his commitment to HBO’s “Barry,” and the show used this as an opportunity to bring in a brand-new assortment of talent.

“There are so many stories to tell about documentaries that are wonderful, and frankly, we can’t cast Bill and Fred in all of them,
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WGA Plans March 25 Member Vote on Talent Agency Rules

Leaders of the Writers Guild of America plan a March 25 vote for members to decide whether to implement tough new restrictions on how Hollywood talent agencies as operate as agents for writer clients. The vote comes as the guild is in the midst of pitched negotiations with the Association of Talent Agents to renew the WGA’s decades-old agency franchise agreement that allows signatory agencies to represent WGA members.

David Goodman, WGA West president, disclosed the plan for the vote in a message distributed to guild members on Wednesday. The WGA and Ata held a long face-to-face session on Tuesday and reportedly made progress on smaller issues. But the big hurdles remain the WGA’s desire to eliminate the practice of agencies taking packaging fees for helping to assemble series. The WGA also wants to curb the expansion of companies affiliated with talent agencies into the content production and distribution arena.
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Netflix Buys Chinese Sci-fi Hit ‘The Wandering Earth’

Netflix has bought rights to “The Wandering Earth,“ the smash hit film pitched as China’s first mainstream sci-fi movie.

The movie was the sleeper hit of Chinese New Year. It opened in fourth position on Feb. 5 but climbed to the top spot and has not yet relinquished it. After 14 days in theaters, the epic has raked in about RMB4.07 billion ($603 million) and likely has weeks of its theatrical run left to go.

Adapted from a 2000 novella of the same name by the godfather of Chinese sci-fi, Liu Cixin, the film tells the story of people working together to save the planet from our aged, imploding sun by moving it with giant thrusters to another solar system.

Netflix operates globally, but not in China, where local regulations have barred its entry. It was able to license some of its content in the Middle Kingdom through an arrangement with local streaming service iQIYI,
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