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Biography for
Gandalf (Character)
from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

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Gandalf the Grey (also known as Mithrandir and Olrin) is a wise wizard who was sent to Middle-Earth around year 1000 in the Third Age, more than 2000 years before the setting of The Lord of the Rings, to help the free peoples fight the evil Sauron, along with Saruman the White (who later abandoned his task) and three other wizards. Gandalf befriended many peoples and became a well-known name all over Middle-Earth. In the year 3018 Gandalf was selected to lead the Fellowship of the Ring. After defeating the evil Balrog of Moria, Gandalf the Grey died and ressurected as Gandalf the White, and continued fighting Sauron. When Sauron was defeated, Gandalf left Middle-Earth and went over the sea, where he had come from.

Gandalf was of origin a Maia. Manwe sent him and four other Maia to Middle-Earth to confront the evil in Dol Guldur (which was actually caused by Sauron). The five Maia had their powers reduced and took on the form of aged men. They were to use their knowledge, not their power to fight Sauron. These five Maia, who were called the Istari, or Wizards, arrived in Middle-Earth to rid it of Sauron. However, by the start of the War of the Ring, only Gandalf was still faithfull to his quest. Saruman had in fact gone against the Istari completely.

When they arrived, Cirdan the Shipwright recongnized Gandalf as the wisest of them, and gave to him Narya, the Elvish Ring of Fire (one of the three rings they obtained in the 2nd Age).

Gandalf organized the Quest for Erebor, which is described in the book The Hobbit.

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