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Quotes for
Boc (Character)
from Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (1997) (VG)

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II (1997) (VG)
Boc: Such a bad fall, but you'll be glad to know, I found your lightsaber. Want it? Ahh, very distinctive...
[he drops it on the ground, then picks up a rock and throws it down onto it, smashing it. He laughs maniacally]
Boc: Not so distinctive now is it?
Sariss: Enough of this!
[Boc shuts up immediately]
Sariss: Tell Jerec that this Jedi will soon join the dead.

Kyle Katarn: [saving Jan] This is gonna cost YOU a crate full of money YOU don't have.
Jan Ors: As long as I'm around to pay you, I don't care.
Kyle Katarn: My thoughts exactly.
Boc: [appearing out of nowhere] Mine too!
[laughs maniacally]