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Tavion Axmis (Character)
from Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (2002) (VG)

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Star Wars: Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast (2002) (VG)
Kyle Katarn: [to Tavion] Ah. Get out of my sight.
Tavion: [to Kyle] What?
Kyle Katarn: [to Tavion] Go, and pray that I find your master before he finds you.

Tavion: [choking] Mercy! Please! I beg you!
Kyle Katarn: The same mercy you showed Jan?

Tavion: Ah, the prodigal Jedi. Have you come seeking vengeance? Ooh, that's not very Jedi-like.
Kyle Katarn: Where's your master, apprentice?
Tavion: Desann sends his regards, but he is far too busy in the Valley of the Jedi to personally dispose of his pawns...
Kyle Katarn: What?
Tavion: You still don't know, do you? Desann followed you to the Valley. Even now, hundreds of Desann's loyal followers are drinking deeply from the river, becoming reborn in the glory of the Force! And we owe it all to *you*!
Kyle Katarn: Then you killed Jan...
Tavion: That's right! We killed your woman to make you angry. Angry enough to cast aside your policies and rashly seek out the power of the Valley. Just think of it! Her death and your failure will be celebrated for eons to come as the events that brought about the Era of Desann. Congratulations!
Kyle Katarn: Stop talking!

Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy (2003) (VG)
Rosh Penin: [a dark jedi defeated Rosh is down] Kyle I...
Tavion: [a lightning bolt hits both Jaden Korr and Kyle] Tutt, tutt, tutt
[mocking the Jedi]
Tavion: Did you really think I would give up my new apprentice so easily.
Kyle Katarn: [as a dark, tall and beautiful dark jedi girl stands before him] Tavion!
Tavion: You shoud have killed when you had the chance, Kattarn. You pathetic Jedi mercy is a weakness that will cost you your life
[using the force and taking Kyle down]
Tavion: and the life of your apprentice
[using a force push to take down Jaden]
Tavion: But not you deer Rosh, come.
Rosh Penin: [enslaved by Tavion] Yes, Tavion.
Jaden Kor: Rosh, NO!
Tavion: Ah! Your pity friendship cannot compare against the power of the dark side.

Jaden Kor: [when Jaden has turned to the Dark Side] Tavion! Give me the spectre.
Tavion: Ah! Kyle's good student. Or is it. I feel the Dark side in you.